However the network will assist business owners to revamp or change their services or products to serve a broader base.

  • The Network Reserves the right to refuse service to any business or organization that our Network deems destructive to the individual person, environment or community.

  • The Network’s standards and value-system is taken from the Holy Bible. The B2B Network does not operate by religious or society’s standards, beliefs and practices.

  • The B2B Network will also abide-by and use the guides and standards of the  local City, State, Chambers of Commerce, SBA and Better Business Bureaus etc.


  1. Alcohol and Liquor (only stores)

  2. Night Clubs & Bars

  3. Tobacco, Cigar, Marijuana or any drug-related products (only stores)

  4. Pornography or sex related entertainment, products or services.

  5. Counseling Services that counsels against the Holy Bible.

  6. Any organizations or materials that teach or market specifically against the Gospel and Teachings of the Holy Bible.

  7. Predatory lending and financial institutions.

  8. Weapons, guns, knives etc. (only stores or services)

  9. Gambling, Lotteries or Casinos

  10. Clothing and images that are deemed inappropriate and offensive.

  11. Entertainment, Productions, Shows, Concerts, Music etc. that includes, promotes, glorifies or encourage self and community destruction and or destructive behaviors or hate or violence against another group or person.

  12. Organizations and agencies that promotes racism, hate and or violence against or towards another group.

  13. Lobbyists, local, city, state or Government officials and or elections.

The Carolina Business to Business Network is a project of the Action Speaks Inc. and reserves the right to refuse service or funding to any person or group that provides services or products that are not in-line with our stated values, mission and principles.

All funding for all projects are 100% private funds generated from services provided to corporate and individual organizations and companies. The B2B Network or the PC Financial Platforms has not and will not receive any funding from the government or local agencies in the form of public contributions, donations or grants.