Whenever a new idea, concept or service is introduced especially if it is designed to change a national or world standard, there will be a significant level of uncertainty and many who will view it as their competition and those who just simply hate to see anyone progress will expend unlimited hours destroying and turning many away.


If you are joining the network before May 15, 2021, your $7 fee for individual membership or Your $100 fee for a business membership is being deposited and governed by a local bank in a secured account. All members has access-to the balance of this account and your funds can be returned to you at anytime upon your request before the start of your service. Members can call this financial institution and inquire about the accounts at anytime.


Two local law firms will manage the legalities of the networks, projects and services.


Two local accounting firms will oversee all books.


As you are preparing for your research prepare to ask the right questions for the best results. The PC Card recruits, retains and delivers customers and sales to our corporate clients.


Will you do business with 500/3500 groups and /or 200,000 customers spending a guaranteed minimum with your company every month?


The Community’s top banks will ensure all deposits & payouts (publicly and with transparency).

The area’s leading legal firms will oversee all legalities.

The area’s leading accountant firms will oversee all books.


Client, Customer and Sales Acquisitions Cost.


PC platforms totally eliminates this line item expense for 100 of corporations the funds they save they will reroute to this service and the Network pays our local small businesses and organizations who are serving and building our local communities, families and neighborhoods.


The simplicity of the PC Card is understood in the concept of giving and receiving, sowing and reaping.


If, I give any of these corporations clients and customers in volumes of 500 and 3500, they will do business with me. That all you are doing. Joining the group and purchasing with these 200 corporations as a group and the corporations are paying the network because the PC network is making their jobs easier. We are bringing you to them and they are paying us for it and we are giving the money back to you. Currently banks and card providers are not rewarding you for your use. The PC Card gives ALL of its funds back to the members.


The Area’s top Attorneys, Banks, Accountants and Media Professionals will lead and guide this project.


The Nation’s Top Manufacturers and Service Providers will ensure excellent service and product delivery.

“Follow the Money”

The networks, creative solution to transparency and funding accountability allowing the organizations and the community to gain an understanding of how the funding project and process works and funding through this project are daily monitoring the response of the corporations because

Your positive response can increase or decrease the amount of funding that each organization receive each month.

All 500 organizations and their supporters (who you will have access-to) who are seeking

Their operational and equipment purchases are dictated by your response (see the awesome program details Guaranteed Clients for you and guaranteed funding for the local groups fighting critical causes in our community).