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Phase One Startup

Terms and Conditions

Thirty years of development

(trials & errors in every area and division)

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Official Launch Date: March 1, 2021

The Project's Foundation:

Provides Complete Transparency, Accountability, Fairness and Equality for all segments of the society. The Follow-the-Money App is a very important tool provided by the PC Card.

Fair trade and opportunity for all. There are not any FREE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS OFFERED. The PC Card and Platforms simply makes all services and products available to those that will follow the terms and conditions.

The Big Question:

Why isn't or why has not any other Fortune 500 company provided this service?

Their goal and their objective is to make money for their shareholders.

The PC Card's purpose is to provide fair opportunities to position the card holder for financial increase.  The card users are serving as a type of shareholder. Their payouts and returns pays expenses as long as they are using the card and platforms.

The network does not give out money, donations or grants. All monies are placed on the debit card in-return for the users' commitment to use the card and website daily.

The funds to operate the PC Network are paid-out to the service-providers that are contracted to run the company.

Each month or quarter all revenues generated are directly paid-out to the card users and the companies contracting to provide the services and products for the card users.

The Network ensures and is built-on partnerships and that no-one person is paid more than $120,000 to operate any division of the company.

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Specific Campaigns and Information Packets for:

Young Adults (ages 18 to 25)

Media & Communications



Elected Officials



Small Businesses

Celebrities and Brands

Schools and Institutions


Performing Arts

Probation, Parole & Inmates

College Students

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Phase One

Testing and communicating January 2021 - July 2021 

Serving Ten Thousand Commercial users and One Million Individual users while registering twenty million for a phase two and three launch December 2021.

The Goal:

To give every person in the World a specific individualized reason to use the PC Card.

The Objective of the PC Network

The PC Network connects millions with services and products that they need and use everyday without the expense of directly paying for it.  Such as cell phone service, debt, tuition, insurance etc and many youth program expenses such as sports and the performing arts.


The card users pay a small amount over time and the fees and revenues generated from their daily purchases pays the actual cost directly to the company on their behalf.

The Basic financial foundation of the System:

  1. 200 Corporations paying an average of two million dollars per month for the guaranteed minimum group contracts.

  2. Fees from daily card transactions online and in-person.

Phase One:

  1. One Million Individual Users (phone service & debt paid)

  2. 10,000 Commercial Users ($10,000 per month & admin services)

  3. 10,000 Group Users ($1,200 to $5,000 plus marketing)

  4. 30 Service Providers ($10,000 contracts to serve the network)

  5. 100 Corporations (guaranteed group contracts)

The PC Commercial Debit Card

  • Provides an Average of $10,000 per month

  • Provides media & administrative services (cost built in)

Ten Thousand businesses, groups, churches & nonprofits spending their $10,000 every month with the contracted corporations.

see all commercial uses

The PC Individual Debit Card

  • Pays various services for $7 per month.

One Million users spending a guaranteed minimum of $30 per week with the contracted corporations on their necessity items (food, clothing, phones, rent, mortgage, vehicle, insurance) purchased with and through the PC Platforms.

Services offered by demographic, group and need (probation and parole, college students, single parents with children, seniors, disabled etc.)

The PC Youth Group Debit Card

Serving: Classrooms, teachers, coaches, teams, and performing artists etc.

  • Provides an Average of $1,200 to $10,000 per month to groups

  • Along with fundraising, media & administrative services

Service Delivery

Distribution Platforms, Networks, Industries and Demographics:

The Network uses over 100 Networks, Niche demographics, activities and Events to communicate and distribute the cards and services.

The Network does not create or operate any programs or projects. The network simply partners with existing programs and projects and provides the funding they need to serve a specific area region or demographic.

The PC Project will not co-partner with any project that is dependent on government funding or grants.

The elected officials and the government and the fortune 500 companies of the world has proven (without any doubts) that it's not possible to distribute services and opportunities in a fair and measurable manner.

Lobbyists, kick-backs, personal interests and simple pure greed has hindered our government's and corporation's ability to effectively serve all sectors of our society from the local to the national level.

The PC Card will use hundreds of projects to deliver its services.

Each network and project is designed to work with each individual's state and county's culture and state of being.

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Network (The Network's workforce)

  • The IPA Mobile App

  • The CSP

  • The Business Centers and Incubators

  • The Pitch Television Show

  • The Business to Business Network

  • Street Life Network

  • The Criminal Justice Reform Project

  • The Sports Network

  • The Performing Arts Network (All genres of music & entertainment)

  • The Church Network

  • Motorsports Network

  • The Cancer Network (all diseases/cancers without cures)

  • Health & Wellness Network

  • Communicating through Thirty Niche Networks, Industries and Demographics.