- PC Commercial Debit Card

- PC Group Purchasing Card

- PC Individual Debit Card


All registrations prior to May 15, 2021 are termed pre-registration due to all terms, conditions and contracts not being finalized with all corporate partners.


Contracts are estimated to be final by July 1, 2021.

Your $7, $14 or $100 registration fee simply guarantees you a card and a service slot. However, your funding is 100% dependent on your 

continual use of the PC Card and platforms.

Your Welcome Packet, Card and detailed instructions will arrive by January 15, 2021.

Your Pre-Registration Funds are 100% Refundable at anytime.

By Email request (here)

By Phone Request (800) 948-5980

By Online Request here

By Wells Fargo Bank Request (843) 448-2688 

All registrations include a subscription to the network's magazine & news  that will keep you informed of all activity and progress of the funding for all Individuals, Groups and Businesses.

Your Service placement is lost if you request a refund. If and when you reply your service and funding will be received in the order of your application.

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The PC Debit Card and the Carolina Business to Business Network are funding projects of Action Speaks Inc. and reserves the right to refuse service or funding to any person or group that provides services or products that are not in-line with our organizational and stated values, mission and principles.

All funding for all projects are 100% private funds generated from services provided to corporate and individual organizations and companies. The B2B Network or the PC Financial Platforms has not and will not receive any funding from the government or ANY local agencies in the form of public contributions, donations, sponsorships or grants.


The words "contest, competition, sponsor or contribution" may be used in promotional and commercial terminology or language when communicating a quick public -message to participants, small businesses or organizations. However, by stated contractual definition in the contracted services provided and the fees due; the words competition, sponsorship or contribution will be clearly defined in the contract between the two parties exchanging services or products for a fee.

The PC Platforms will not receive free money in any form or by any means from any source. All monies received are for specific services and products rendered to the client for a specific agreed upon fee, service or

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The PC Network does not give-out Free Money or Free Services. All Funds and Services are paid-for through our Corporate Contracts.

The PC Network may purchase your debt or service or simply pay your service or debt using the funds that are paid to the network from the corporations. The Network may purchase group debts and pays over-time. The PC Network contracts are based on our membership and group membership numbers and purchases.

Individual Funding Service Cards. Your services are paid. As stated in your individual agreement, if you elect to stop using the PC Card your debt or services will stop also.

Group and Commercial Card Members:

Your Business or Organization must be properly and legally setup with all resources in-place for success (this is the purpose of the registration fee and process). See process here.

You only receive your funding each month when you use all of your funds through the B2B platforms. The corporate partner's services are accessed, used and purchased through the B2B mediums.


A professional corporation or local company is partnered with the B2B Network for every service or product you need to successfully operate and grow your business (members can also submit vendors of their choice also).


The funds you are receiving are NOT Free Money. All will qualify by contracting to use the B2B Services. 

When you agree to use the Website, The Purchasing Card and Participate in the IPA, CSP Mobile Apps and Events, These are simply mediums to make it possible for you to purchase as a group with the other 3500 organizations and Small Businesses.

The local business centers and incubators will assist each business or organization to properly setup their business with all

The centers will assist every business owner to work through situations where past mistakes or their backgrounds may be preventing them from acquiring the necessary authorizations or credentials to properly setup their business or organizations.


The Goal of the Business Centers are to Find Solutions, Resources and Opportunities for every situation.