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How You Generate Your $10,000


All of your spending and selecting products and services are done through the's website. You purchase All of your Services and Products and pay all of your bills in one place. Hassle-Free. (very similar to amazon). All of your Services and products aer added to this same site and available to the millions that are contracted to use the site just like you.

If there is a company that you want to use, simply recommend they be added to the network or website. The culture the network is desiring to build is You should only desire to spend money with companies that desire to spend money with you and your community. All IN-Network members spend money with each other.

​This Amount and these revenue sources does not include the customers and clients you will generate through through your local and national exposure through the tv show and its promotions and your new marketing, promotions and acquisitions strategies.

1) Guaranteed Revenue Source One: $5,000

100 of your B2B Network Members are contracted to spend a minimum of $50.00 per month with your Business. 

2) Guaranteed Revenue Source Two: $5,000

Corporate Group Contract Fees. 500 Organizations will spend a minimum of $40 per month with 100 participating corporations who will pay a minimum of $4,000 for their guaranteed $20,000 worth of business pre-paid by the B2B Network's financial platforms (PC Debit Card, website and financial platforms).

2) Guaranteed Revenue Source Three: $5,000

$100 is paid by the 500 Membership fees.

How is Your Basic $10,000 Generated?

  1. $1,500 for using the PCOnline Website.

  2. $1,500 for influencing Three businesses or organizations to use the network services

  3. $2,000 per month for Directing one of the Corporate Network Service Provider Projects:

  4. PC Service Provider Project 2700 units or $20k

  5. Instant Purchase Alert Project

  6. The $10,000.00 Cashless Sponsorship Project

  7. $5000 for influencing and generating 500 new pc users (in your business industry and demographic).

  8. These will be your customers, clients and vendors that you must communicate with.

  9. Your business will be advertised and sell your products & services on this site.

  10. The other 500 service providers will have 1000 users give you access to One million clients and customers that will have to use your services and products.

  11. $2,000 Tickets and sponsors for the various tours and events (your business will take part in all tours and events).

  12. $1,000 for providing a specific service for the network (graphics, counseling, meals, brooms etc.)

How Your $1200 to $10,000 is determined


  1. Operation Budgets exceeding $10,000 per month automatically qualifies for the $10,000.

  2. New Startups without any history will start with $5,000

  3. Sports and other programs that may only operate during certain times of the year is based on the size of their program (over 50 

  4. Sports who see more than 200 to 500 people in the stands $5,000

  5. less than 200 people in the stands and less than 20 peple on the team. 



You do not need a business or a business idea to register. You do need and You must have a strong determination & drive to start one!  There are many startup’s available.



The registration process is designed to make you give-up and quit as soon as possible, so we don’t waste too much of anyone’s time and money.

Our professional advisors and investors will not invest time and resources in individuals who intend to give-up within the first year!

We have a unique method for weeding-out the weak and those who can not believe in themselves and the process! It starts with reading and following directions-hint!



•The network’s team of professionals will walk you through step-by-step how to make your first Ten thousand dollars per month.

•Any missed-steps will immediately disqualify You. You can try again in July. Our First Phase Entrepreneurs must represent with excellence and be able to follow directions with perfection. You are receiving the first big contracts and you will set the standards for the project.



  1. $300 Registration includes lunch, Breakfast or Dinner, Business Cards and Your Website to get started.

  2. Submit a one Minute video introducing yourself and the venture (new or existing)

  3. how-up at your first session dressed and prepared like a CEO/President/Owner



Planning and working Time:

•Locations: Conway, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach

•Monday thru Sunday

•4:00pm to 11pm (Morning & Afternoon schedule)



The Pitch provides all materials, letters and information you need.

•Simply ask our family, friends and the public to invest in You!

•Send-out investment packets for your business idea

•Sell Tickets

•Register Performing Artists, Sports Teams & Young Entrepreneurs



•Your Daily Action Plan

•Generating your first $10,000

•Generating Personal Income so that you are able to work this venture full-time.

•Your Pitch & Business Presentation Materials Verbal, Written & Visuals.

•Business Plans, Grants and all Business materials and resources needed.

•Generating your Clients and Customers