WHEN "REAL-MONEY" TALKS...all problems listen!

Real Money's Name is "Mr. Four Trillion Dollars" He is who we are going to talk about in our first Issue. However, because he is much older and wiser than we are now, we are going to start with his great nephew Mr. Forty Five Million Dollars, who we have access-to and can talk-to, influence and real-in today.

Mr. Forty Five Million Dollars will introduce us and take us to Mr. Sixty Billion Dollars in warp speed (less than a year) because Mr. Forty Five Million is provision and the vehicle that the producers of the Sixty Billion rely on. In other words 500 organizations serve and provide-for Five Million Individuals.

Mr. Sixty Billion and Five Million will quickly (with much fighting & resistance) slowly walk us into Mr. Five Trillion and his 20 to 40 Million producers. Which to America is the Poor Class, who produce by hand and sweat more than the middle and upper class because due to the per number and volume of products and services consumed

Actually the poor class is much more valuable because they are the producers and the consumers and they are more in number.



Most of you will see Six Pregnant Women.

Corporations see: Ten Customers

50 years on mom's minimum $15,000 per year (worst case scenario for her).

75 years on the way (don't abort) $15,000 per year (worst case scenario for baby)

Corporate says: with my great products this picture is worth almost Eleven Million Dollars! and that's the worst case scenario, if the women and their babies end-up in poverty or on welfare. If the man just happen to be in their lives we can add a another $600,00 as an Anomaly (picture credit: https://www.nichd.nih.gov/ncmhep/initiatives/pregnancy-for-every-body/about)

The Criminal Justice System See: (we will edit the man out of this picture) Because we only needed him for Ten Minutes. We found a way to encourage the woman she don't need him, she's better-off without him, As we will make Sixty Thousand per year through the prison and Criminal In-Justice Economy ($20,000 more than the average corporation) who owns the prison and products services also.

Corporations Need Customers, How much each customer is worth is irrelevant. They can adjust the product or service. They can't produce a person to consume it!

There are over One Million New Customers born every year.

Corporations lose 2.7 Million customers a year to death.

Corporations Gain 4 Million New Customers every year to Births (140 million worldwide)

Corporations are gaining 1.3 Million more customers than they are losing.

The Perfect Connect Card Will Perfectly Connect this Class with the resources that is needed to reduce this class. see plan here.

The poor is divided and they divide-up all the products and services making it impossible

The one thing even minorities capitalize on it to our demise

I am being comical but we are talking about Poverty and disenfranchised Five Million People living in poverty and in the criminal justice system spend Sixty Billion Dollars a Year.

Forty Million Americans living in Poverty is worth more than Four Trillion Dollars a year.


Because I do not and I have not and I will not seek to model this project after anything in existence. I have no clue if anyone is or has been having this discussion.

A Broken System and a Broken Person can not fix themselves.

This system is not based-on, dependent-on anything or person from the current governmental systems (congress, senators, governors, mayors or elected officials). We need their support not their systems and laws.

I Expect a ton of criticism however, my immediate response "let's see your workable, right now plan." If what you are working-on now is better, my plan is by-designed able to serve your plan in some capacity.

For those who may ask what qualifies me (see my new book & I-AM Ministry)

Read my newly releasing book that details the 25 years of absolutely hell and dying to self and the world that question my children. My life qualifies me along with the 20,000 Churches, businesses and corporations that I have provided media and administrative services for over the past 37 years. Thirty Five years of working and serving in every sector and industry along with my Seven Healthy, Chaste Children, A Stroke, Siatica, Son almost dying in my arms, name destroyed nationally on social media, living in a closest for two years, 20 year marriage-gone,

managed to stay focused and motivated to bring this financial system, school and book to serve over 50 million see book for more.

Is it worth a shot. A team of Young Adults in Conway, South Carolina has Developed a Debit Card, Mobile App and website that will fund 20,000 Small Businesses and Organizations and One Million Households per region or state across America. Through private funds only.

Yes, it is being done without waiting on the 435 Congressman or the 100 Senators to agree on how to serve their constituents.

The Carolina Business to Business Network is currently in phase-one surveying and testing this project in the Coastal Carolina Region, Wilmington, North Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina. Take the quick 30 Second Survey here.

Take the survey or register for $7 to add your name, family, business or organization to the funding list now.

A Long-Term Solution to Success and not just a one-time Stimulus Check or even a Tax Refund.
The PC Card is a monthly $1000 stimulus to 150 Million Americans living from Pay check to pay check.
It's NOT Free, Government Money, Loans or Grants..

How is this possible and why haven't any other company put this into action.

The cardholders are the shareholders.

take-out the card or cards you are using now and research how much the banks and shareholders are making from just one of your credit or debit cards and your use of their banking institution.

Your $7 for a personal card, $14 for a group nonprofit card or $100 for a small business secures your slot as a shareholder and your exclusive use of the one card and web platforms. starting with $1000 per month for personal and $10,000 per month for commercial use. Yes the ability to pay Ten Million people $1000 per month just for using the card is what our currently banking institutions are making and more.


53% of Americans making less than $75,000 per month are right-now, living check to check with one step away from eviction or repossessions or hungry. And the COVID-19 has not made it any better, but worse. A one-time stimulus check or the one-time tax return each year is not the solution for a sustained route to recovery or

A group of young entrepreneurs working out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina has developed the Perfect Connection Debit Card and PC Platforms that will serve 150 Million Americans with an average of one thousand dollars per month in extra income just for using the debit card and the PC platforms.

This is not free money, grants, loans or government funding. All card users must spend a minimum amount each month using the debit card in order to receive the various services, products and funding that is available to serve their specific need.

Provided to Individuals, Groups, businesses and nonprofits.

3500 Small Businesses and organizations will receive the Ten Thousand dollars per month

As part of the first promotional campaign the network isoffering free phone service paid for life for the first One Million Individuals to apply for the card and reserve their slot.

The first round of services are scheduled to begin on January 15, 2021 and an Official Launch Date of February 1, 2021.

The PC Card and the Network Platforms are simply group purchasing platforms from major corporations.

Ten Thousand Dollars per month is available for organizations who will commit to spending all of these funds on their daily operations and bills using the PC Debit card, the website and the financial platforms.

Our online survey is quick (30 seconds) and upon completion you will be able to see and stay up-to-date on all communications from the corporations, media and the other participating small businesses and organizations through the “follow-the-money app”.

If you are interested in helping to make this project a reality for your business or organization and for the families and communities of South Carolina please take the survey and put your name on the list to ensure you are one of the recipients when the funds become available. You will receive all details and instructions via email and the website. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.

Happy surveying and funding!

Best regards,

Director of Operations


carolinab2b.com | South Carolina

+1 (800) 948 5980 | Market Researcher

Free Phone Service for Life...The first promotional Campaign for the PC Card.

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