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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Brief Project Summary

Dear Community Media Leader,

A group of local young entrepreneurs and college students has developed the Carolina Business to Business Network and The Pitch Television Show.

These two projects will provide critical funding and resources for groups of 500 small businesses and nonprofits who has annual revenues and budgets under $150,000.

Individually, each B2B member has a monthly operation's budget just under $7,000 and less than $100,000 per year. However, (collectively. purchasing together) through the Carolina B2B Network, this group will spend $3.7 Million dollars per month and over forty five million this year ($45,000,000).

The Carolina Business to Business Network's primary responsibility is to maintain group-corporate contracts, industry-specific service providers and a niche-based pool of customers and clients for each member.

Through the network, each member is also contracted to spend-monies with each other, guaranteeing each member a minimum of 499 guaranteed clients.

The B2B Network pays each member through the group purchasing contracts and online transaction fees that are generated from the corporate contracts.

The group of 500 will serve as guaranteed vetted clients and customers for the Carolina B2B Network's corporate partners, service providers and sponsors such as your company. The network will make it possible for the group to receive the best services and products available by purchasing as a group.

The network is seeking your professional "first response" feed-back on this state-wide funding project that is launching from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Please provide your professional feed-back here (negative or positive), viewing this project as an immediate funding and resource solution for hundreds of nonprofits and small businesses and guaranteed clients and customers for our local companies.

The vetting services are provided by our local business professionals: SBA, SCORE, Chambers, attorneys and financial institutions etc.

Will it work? Will your company provide counsel and guidance to this group in order to do what it takes to make this project work for your company? for the recipients? and for the community?

Take the survey here or email a quick response to

There are 3500 nonprofits and small businesses watching the process and 100 will be contracted and prepaid to use your services for this first phase. Your response will help the committees to move to the next stage of the process.



To Agree-to the Registration and Press Release - see invite to participants here

To participate in the 72 Hour Registration Campaign. All 100 small businesses will register by paying your station $100 each ($10,000) at the time of registration for an Interview on your station. Interviews will take-place throughout the season. As well as you selling them a broadcast package.

  1. To Air The Pitch Television Show (to discuss a contract price for: a 30 episode season: 30 minutes of air-time per week, a package of commercials, promotional spots.

  2. To discuss an agreed upon amount your company will pay for every 100 to 500 vetted prepaid clients that use your services through the Carolina B2B Network. See the B2B Client Acquisitions Service Here.

  3. To Join the Monday Night Information Session here. To provide 30 minutes per week of your time to discuss your media services and the importance of a strategic relationship with the local media (Your presentation can be made via zoom or in-person). Participants meet in groups of five or ten at the eight participating business incubator locations.

  4. To serve as a judge, mentor and advisor for The Pitch Competition.

The Pitch Television Show is simply the Network's creative platform to promote the small businesses and our partners and our way to communicate with the community and the World. Steps are in being taken to air The Pitch Television Show on the three major local television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates and worldwide online) and Taped at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

The Purpose of the Network and The Pitch Television Show:

To Establish, To Strengthen, To Restore, and To Expand 100 hundred local small businesses and nonprofits per year through the Pitch Television Project. Partnering with local professionals in order to strengthen and maintain a strong and thriving local economy through our individual communities and families.


- See the Press Release Here

- See the Participant Invitation & Registration Here.

- See the Cashless Sponsorship Project here

- See The Pitch Television Show Here

- The Carolina Business to Business Network Client Acquisitions

- Carolina Business to Business Network Small Business Membership

- See a list of the partners that are invited and/or confirmed here - todays code 1637.

All invitations and communication is made available to the B2B members through the Transparency & Follow-the-money App's as apart of the National Economic Equality & Justice for All Project.



The Carolina Business to Business Network along with several agencies are working on a solution that will provide long-term resources and funding for small businesses and nonprofit organizations through a group purchasing network. The South Carolina Network will consist of 3500 small business owners and community leaders who will agree to use this commercial purchasing card for their daily operations, bills, payroll and expenses every day.

The network is looking to better understand the effectiveness of this project in our state.

More specifically, we are trying to better understand how group purchasing from major corporations will affect and sustain our local small businesses and organizations especially now because of the effects of the COVID pandemic on the community.


Please take the survey start the process of developing 100 Businesses and Organizations every Season (every four months) in your area.

Local companies or "Network Service-Providers are guaranteed a minimum of One hundred Commercial Business Accounts for Sponsoring the New Pitch Television and one of the New Business Incubators.

Let's help our local leaders to get their Great Idea Out and Making Money Now!

The Pitch Television Show is an Effective and Exciting Project to Fund 3500 Small Businesses and Nonprofits in our state.

See Organizations and Agencies that will work with the project here


Funding Solutions for Carolina Small Businesses & Nonprofits

See The Pitch Television Show / The Business to Business Network / PC Debit Card



Dear business leader,

You are invited to join this passionate group of local business and community leaders who are and has been dedicated to improving our local communities and economies.

The director of the Carolina Business to Business Network has thirty seven years of hands-on experience starting, developing, strengthening and working with over ten thousand small businesses, nonprofits and churches.

The owner, is well known for serving hundreds of fortune five hundred corporations and many national agencies with creative services and solutions (in audio-visual & multimedia) for their events and presentations.

In 2020, upon witnessing hundreds of small businesses and organizations missing-out on the COVID EIDL funding sources, the Carolina Business to Business Network began assisting the new and struggling “very” small businesses with structuring themselves and their business practices so that they can qualify for the various local resources.

This project has transitioned into a viable long-term solution for new and very small business owners, nonprofits and groups who does not possess the ability, the skillset or the time to take advantage of the professional local resources that are available to them.

Many of these business owners stem from certain cultures or mindsets that has adapted to operating without the proper tools and business practices and many times, illegally from their homes or substandard facilities.

The Carolina B2B’s primary goal is to coach these small business owners in a way that will position them for long-term success, which often-time requires our team to bring theses services and opportunities to them in their neighborhoods.

This group, traditionally has not embraced the value or the necessity of the expanded business services that your company provides to the community. The B2B network will serve as a “type” of liaison and communication between this group of new and small businesses and nonprofits and your company.

The network provides a financial platform that allows our members to purchase from corporations as a group.

The corporations pay a fee for the guaranteed group contracts and purchasing minimums each month. Fees that are collected from the corporations are paid-out to the participating 3500 network members.

The funds the members receive must be expended exclusively from the PC Debit Card and platforms with the contracted corporations.

Our goal, at this time: 1) to simply determine an amount your company will sponsor The Pitch Television Show for every one hundred vetted small businesses and organizations that the network refers to your company.

2) To determine a time for your company to present your services to this group (at one of the business incubators).

All current and potential members are watching and waiting for a response and a presentation from your bank.

Your company receives your new accounts before you make any payments or provide any services to the members. The network is currently grouping and determining the specific types of services and levels that are required. The network will vet and prepare each small business (organization) and the owner(s) for your services (the network serves as a guaranteed client-pool of 3500 small businesses and organizations for your company).

Happy surveying and funding!

Best regards,

Director of Operations | South Carolina

+1 (800) 948 5980 | Market Researcher



3500 Small Businesses and Organizations are watching and anticipating your responses

Survey Question (1) $_______.00 or ________%

Please provide an estimated dollar amount your company will sponsor The Pitch Television Show with for every 100 vetted Network members that will use your services, “Guaranteed” every season for your participation with the Network, The TV Show and the Business Incubators.

Survey Question (2) _A or _B

What is the best way for you to present your services to this group of 100 to 500 small businesses and nonprofits). Members meet in groups of five to ten at the individual business centers and incubators around the Carolinas (Virtually and/or In-person).

A) Your company can schedule group-presentations at one of the business incubator locations?

B) Or each organization can schedule one on one appointments with your company?

Answer Survey here

Email your answer:

Voicemail w/ answer (800) 948-5980

Your company receives your clients before you make any payments or provide any services to the members. The only requirement to get started is your announcement to the 500 organizations that Your company will serve their needs through B2B Network business incubators.



The funds member's receive are not free money, loans or grants and are not connected with the government and the network will not accept any government funding.
All Funding is generated through Group-Contract Fees from the participating corporations and the debit card transaction fees.
In Order to qualify for the network's funds, members must have all of the criteria completed below, which positions all organizations for long-term success.
Completing these tasks also vets and prepares all members for the network's service-providers and your services.
The Network will NOT release funds to business owners that are operating in or under "provable-failing-situations and conditions"

The B2B Network and the Business Incubators will assist all members to complete all items listed below, so that they will qualify for the funding. The Network's priority is to serve struggling, failing or startup small businesses and organization's first. See website here.

All Applicants will qualify for the funding as long as you follow the criteria below and the counsel of the professional advisors. One thousand dollars of their funds are allocated to marketing and professional administration, who will ensure their organization's success and their qualification of their funding every month.


This process helps the network to vet the small businesses for your service

__Budget (Realistic) – The Amount you receive each month is based-on this budget.

__Previous Tax History (If unavailable or you are a new startup; We will help to complete one).

__Daily Action Plan (Clear Goals, Vision, Mission & Purpose).

__Business Plan (up-to-date and realistic)

__legal business setup, All necessary license, tax id’s, & permits etc.

__If Nonprofit (Articles, bylaws, board, tax exempt, 501c3, Grant App etc.)

__Adequate Workspace/Office Space/ Operations facility etc.

__Branding: Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Stationary, and Promotional materials.

__Video Commercials and Strategies across all media platforms

__Website (working, effective, accept payments, connected to social media & user-friendly).

__Business Phone Number & Address

__Business Email Accounts

__Social Media (fb, linked-in, twitter, snapchat etc. all relevant to your products, services and audience).

__Resumes and Bios on all owners/leaders.

__List of Associations & Networks (chambers of commerce & Industry associations etc.)

__Business Partners: (Industry Consultant, Banker, Insurance, Attorney, Bookkeeper, Media Rep, Auto Rep).

__list of Industry Specific Vendors & Suppliers (needed to operate and grow).


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