SIXTY MILLION DOLLAR Group Purchasing Project - Nationwide Registration Tour Schedule

Updated: Jun 3, 2021


You are invited to spend your operations money with this local group of small businesses and nonprofit and receive $1,500 to $10,000 in return every month.

You are invited to attend an information with the Banks and Corporations that you will be spending your money with.


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June 15th - Loris, SC

June 17th - Charlotte, NC

June 19th - Patterson, NJ

June 20th - Mt. Vernon, NY

June 23rd - Atlanta, GA

June 25th - Washington, DC

June 29th - Boston, MA

July 6th - Detroit, MI

July 8th - Chicago IL

July 13th - Memphis, TN

July 15th - Montgomery, AL

July 20th - Jackson, MS

July 22nd - Dallas, TX

July 27th - Omaha, NE

July 29th - Denver, CO

August 3rd - Las Vegas, NV

August 5th - Oakland, CA

August 10th - Los Angeles, CA

August 12th - St. Luis, Missouri

August 17th - Miami, FL

Check schedule daily for updates, locations and attendees or subscribe to the magazine to stay informed.

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