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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

A group of local young entrepreneurs and college students has developed the Carolina Business to Business Network and The Pitch Television Show.

ONE MILLION Individuals PURCHASING TOGETHER using ONE Financial Platform will cause $240 MILLION DOLLARS per month to be Revolved back into the Local businesses, nonprofits, churches, schools and communities!

An Awesome Show Idea and An Awesome Service to your Country.

Individuals in your listening audience or viewing audience are in dire need of these funds. Please consider distributing these funds to individuals on your show.

These funds will measurably pull millions out of poverty and the criminal justice system. While increasing wages and paying for education, healthcare, family services, facilities, new jobs and measurably reducing violence in cities.

These two projects will provide critical funding and resources for groups of 500 small businesses and nonprofits who has annual revenues and budgets under $200,000.


We are inviting media-professionals to present these funds to those in your audience.

Starting with the Sixty Million Dollar Project in the Carolinas.

25 - $120,000 checks to small businesses and nonprofits

Funding Debit Cards for:

  1. Youth Sports

  2. Performing Arts

  3. DJJ & Criminal Justice Debt free

  4. Student tuition and student loan debt

Individually, each B2B member has a monthly operation's budget just under $7,000 and less than $100,000 per year. However, (collectively. purchasing together) through the Carolina B2B Network, this group will spend $3.7 Million dollars per month and over forty five million this year ($45,000,000).

The Carolina Business to Business Network's primary responsibility is to maintain group-corporate contracts, industry-specific service providers and a niche-based pool of customers and clients for each member.

Through the network, each member is also contracted to spend-monies with each other, guaranteeing each member a minimum of 499 guaranteed clients.

The B2B Network pays each member through the group purchasing contracts and online transaction fees that are generated from the corporate contracts.

The group of 500 will serve as guaranteed vetted clients and customers for the Carolina B2B Network's corporate partners, service providers and sponsors such as your company. The network will make it possible for the group to receive the best services and products available by purchasing as a group.

The network is seeking your professional "first response" feed-back on this state-wide funding project that is launching from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


To whom it may concern,

I am excited to invite you to explore a truly Amazing American Story that has taken over 25 years to release, this project includes and will captivate your audience and will absolutely increase your ratings for weeks and months as you follow the individuals, organizations and communities that are receiving their share of over 240 million dollars per month that is being revolved back into their families, businesses and neighborhoods.


The network is launching the funding platforms through the “Sixty Million Dollar Group Purchasing Project” that will be awarding Five Hundred struggling businesses and nonprofits with $10,000 per month (forever).

After this launch and the first check presentations the network will be able to launch the Two Hundred Million Dollar Group Purchasing Project that will funnel these funds back into the local neighborhoods and communities across the country, while providing major funding for one million men and women currently caught-up in the criminal justice system and one million youth connect cards.

We are asking your show to present the first twenty-five $10,000 checks to the recipients of these life-time funds.

After you present the checks, your show will also launch the $240 Million Dollar Purchasing Project that will start the process of funding One Million individuals stuck in the criminal justice system because of fees, debt and their inability to acquire a decent job because of their criminal record and lack of resources.

Your company aligning itself with this group of corporations that are funding this project will allow you to take part in helping to fund over 500 small business and nonprofits every year and you will be providing new lives to millions of individuals stuck in poverty and or impossible situations.

A group of 500 small businesses, nonprofits and local corporations are currently working together on the Sixty Million Dollar Group Purchasing Project in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area to start and test the system and process.

You are invited to explore the details of this (first of its kind) long-term to permanent solution to real criminal and economic justice reform that is totally void-of and totally independent-of politics, politicians and any type of public or government funding.

The PC Network is not seeking any funding, endorsements or donations from your company or the host.

The network will provide all participants with an all expense paid trip to your studio or if COVID restrictions are still in place we will use a local production studio in the Myrtle Beach Area for a zoom presentation.

We would be honored to share additional details on this project.

Wardell Brantley

Carolina Business to Business Network

(843) 465-7236.



To view the PC Card Project, share your thoughts with us.
To present the first twenty five $10,000 checks from the Sixty Million Dollar Purchasing Project.
To present the first 1,000 PC Cards to individuals in your listening or viewing audience.
To comment on the first Sixty Million Dollar Purchasing Project happening in the Carolina’s

The Pitch Television Show is simply the Network's creative platform to promote the small businesses and our partners and our way to communicate with the community and the World. Steps are in being taken to air The Pitch Television Show on the three major local television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates and worldwide online) and Taped at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

The Purpose of the Network and The Pitch Television Show:

To Establish, To Strengthen, To Restore, and To Expand 100 hundred local small businesses and nonprofits per year through the Pitch Television Project. Partnering with local professionals in order to strengthen and maintain a strong and thriving local economy through our individual communities and families.


- See the Press Release Here

- See the Participant Invitation & Registration Here.

- See the Cashless Sponsorship Project here

- See The Pitch Television Show Here

- The Carolina Business to Business Network Client Acquisitions

- Carolina Business to Business Network Small Business Membership

- See a list of the partners that are invited and/or confirmed here - todays code 1637.

All invitations and communication is made available to the B2B members through the Transparency & Follow-the-money App's as apart of the National Economic Equality & Justice for All Project.



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