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Dear Business Leader,

A group of local students has developed a national group-purchasing card and a business to business network that will provide critical funding and resources for groups of 3500 small businesses and nonprofits, these groups will also serve as guaranteed vetted clients for the corporate partners, such as your bank.

The solution to helping more teams, athletes and programs who do not have numbers and resources.

The YSC card pays for various services and products each month up to $200. The $7 per month fee and the transaction fees and other platform uses used by the the entire family pays for the services and products provided by the card.

The $200 per month is not free money for the athlete, the team or the family. Funds needed to finance the card and project are generated by the corporate contracts and the transaction fees from the other family-member purchases using the card.

The network is seeking your professional "first response" feed-back on this national funding project that will be launched nationally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The network is not seeking donations, free time or free services due in-part because

our nation will always have youth in every community and there will always be a critical need for these services that must never run-out because of politics or funding or be controlled by greed or personal opinion.

Your support of this system and the millions of youth that will be served every year...

250,000 to 500,000 units of your product will be purchased by this network of athletes, families and teams, guaranteed.

footwear, clothing, gear, tickets, camps etc.


The YSC Card is apart of the National Economic Equality Reform Project. The desire is to make athletic and educational opportunities and services fair and available to all youth in all communities.

The YSC card is also a project to eliminate the revolving door and to prevent our youth entering the education system.

Viewing this project as an immediate funding solution for thousands of teams, centers and programs; please provide your professional feed-back (negative or positive).

The Network is Currently building a 100 member pro-celebrity media team to invite One Million Youth athletes and families to survey and register for the card and services.



1) To view the PC Card Project and share your thoughts publically on your platforms (positive or negative).

2) To help build a coalition of 10,000 Black Male Leaders to distribute the cards and checks.

3) To present (giveaway) the first 10,000 $1,000 per month Debit Cards to individuals in your listening or viewing audience (creative ideas available).

4) To present the first five hundred $10,000 checks to local small businesses and nonprofits through your platforms.

250,000 to 500,000 units of your product will be purchased by this network of athletes, families and teams, guaranteed.

footwear, clothing, gear, tickets, camps etc.

Your company is invited to experience the new (IPA) Instant Purchase Alert Mobile App and CSP (Cashless Sponsorship Project) developed by a group of local college students to provide funding for local youth athletes and teams.

The Carolina Sports Network bundles and sells 2700 of your gift certificates or products through the IPA App and the event tickets to the network’s base of 30,000 members and supporters averaging $20,000 or more per week.

No upfront money or investment is required…You simply pay your agreed amount after you receive your $20,000 check each week (the entire process is tracked electronically in real-time on the website).

Your Company Receives Your check before You make any payments or commitments. All we need to get started is your ok and the product you want sold.

The Sports Connect Card is launching with 500 teams and 5,000 youth athletes and families are contracted to purchase a minimum amount of product each week in-order to receive the services or funding that is provided with their card.

Looking forward to working with your company.

Take the survey here or email a quick response to


There are 3500 nonprofits and small businesses watching the process and your response will help the committees to move to the next stage of the process.

Your company is invited to learn how you can take advantage of the five hundred network members and The athletes.

The Carolina Business to Business Network along with several agencies are working on a solution that will provide long-term funding for small businesses and nonprofit organizations through a group purchasing network. The network is seeking 3500 small business owners and community

leaders who will agree to use this commercial purchasing card for their daily operations, bills, payroll and expenses every month.

The network is looking to better understand if this project will work in our state.

More specifically, we are trying to better understand how group purchasing from major corporations will affect and sustain our local small businesses and organizations especially now because of the effects of the COVID pandemic on the community.


Please take the survey start the process of developing 100 Businesses and Organizations every Season (every four months). 100 New Commercial Business Accounts are available to your bank every four months for sponsoring the Television Show and the Business Incubator.



2022 Group Funding Project



3500 teams and programs and 10,000 youth athletes are watching and anticipating your responses

Survey Question (1) $_______.00 or ________%

Please provide an estimated dollar amount your company will sponsor The Youth Sports Connect Card

Survey Question (2) _A or _B

What is the best way for you to present your services to this group of 100 to 500 new account holders.

A) Your bank schedule group-presentations at one of the business incubator locations?

B) Or each organization schedule one on one appointments with your company?

Answer Survey here

Email your answer:

Voicemail w/ answer (800) 948-5980

Your company receives your account holders before you make any payments or provide any services to the members. The only requirement to get started is your announcement to the 500 organizations that Your company will serve their needs through B2B Network business incubators.


Stay In-Touch, put your name on the list here



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