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(Coastal Carolina Region - Wilmington, NC - Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC)

Invitation-Link for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Invitation-link for local media to contract and work with the B2B Network & The Pitch



The Carolina Business to Business Network is currently Seeking and recruiting 500 Small Businesses & nonprofits (who has revenues of less than $150k per year) to take part in a Group Purchasing Project that will provide $1,500 to $10,000 per month to them based on the size of their budget and spending needs.

The Carolina Business to Business Network

and The New Pitch Television Show.

There is a $300 Registration fee that pays for:

1) Their Pitch Television Video (produced by the YES production team)

2) The services needed to qualify for the monthly funding (see services here)

3) The fee also eliminates individuals who are not serious or has a mindset of expecting free services.

The Pitch Television Show is simply the B2B Network's creative platform to promote the small businesses and our partners and our way to communicate with the community and the World. The Pitch Television Show will be aired on the local television networks and world wide online.

The Purpose of the Network and the The Pitch Television Show:

To Establish, To Strengthen, To Restore, and To Expand 100 hundred local small businesses and nonprofits per year through the Pitch Television Project, local professionals and the Carolina Business to Business Network services in order to strengthen and maintain a strong and thriving local economy through our individual communities and families.

Local Groups Meet on Mondays at 6pm (in-person & zoom)

at one of the Media Centers and Business Incubators

Currently meeting at the Longs Media Center 7066 SC-90 Unit B Longs, SC 29568 * (843) 864-8548

This project is apart of the National Economic Equality & Justice for All Reform program, being launched to study and test the effects of mass group-purchasing and spending in America to determine how millions purchasing together will measurably decrease the poverty levels in many communities, understanding that $100,000 in purchasing will not give our small businesses and organizations a voice but $45 Million dollars in purchasing will.

100 Young Adults (ages 18 to 25) seeking careers in Media and Communications are encouraged to apply to work, start a new career or small business through this project.



All recipients of the funding and services will work extremely hard on their daily action-plans with the guidance of local professionals. All funds that are received must be used locally through one financial platform and strategically to start, strengthen and increase their business or organization. All requirements must be fulfilled and all plans and instructions must be adhered-to and followed.
Individually, each B2B member has a monthly operation's budget just over $7,500 and less than $100,000 per year. However, (collectively. purchasing together) through the Carolina B2B Network, this group will spend $3.7 Million dollars per month and over forty five million per year ($45,000,000). Giving this group an economic voice.
The B2B's network's primary responsibility is to maintain group-corporate contracts, industry-specific service providers and a niche-based pool of customers and clients for each member.

Several firms and financial institutions are being giving the opportunity to bid on the contracts to manage the legal and financial services and products for this group of 3500. Announcements made March 1, 2021.

Participation Links
  1. For Media who desire to contract-with and serve this group (click here) all B2B members are contracted to use the local media.

  2. Small businesses and nonprofits seeking the funding click here

  3. Corporations and Businesses seeking contracts from this group click here

  4. Young adults (18 to 25) seeking to work with these projects click here

  5. See the National Vision, Phase Two and Economic Equality Project and Purpose here

Please Direct Questions and Comments to:

Wardell Brantley,

Director of Operations

(843) 465-7236


carolinab2b.com | South Carolina

(800) 948 5980 | Market Researcher


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After hundreds of small businesses and organizations missed out on the COVID EIDL funding, the Carolina Business to Business Network began assisting the new and struggling “very” small businesses with structuring themselves and their business practices so that they can qualify for the various local resources.

This project has transitioned into a viable long-term solution for new and very small business owners, nonprofits and groups who does not possess the ability, the skillset or the time to take advantage of the professional local resources that are available to them.

Many of these business owners stem from certain cultures or mindsets that has adapted to operating without the proper tools and business practices and many times, illegally from their homes or substandard facilities.

The Carolina B2B’s primary goal is to coach these small business owners in a way that will position them for long-term success, which often-time requires our team to bring theses services and opportunities to them in their neighborhoods.

Many in this first group traditionally, has not embraced the value or the necessity of the expanded business services that your company provides to the community. The B2B network will serve as a “type” of liaison and communication between this group of new and small businesses and nonprofits and your company.

The network provides a financial platform that allows our members to purchase from corporations as a group.

The corporations pay a fee for the guaranteed group contracts and purchasing minimums each month. Fees that are collected from the corporations are paid-out to the participating 3500 network members.

The funds the members receive must be expended exclusively from the PC Debit Card and platforms with the contracted corporations.

Our goal, at this time: 1) to simply determine an amount your company will sponsor The Pitch Television Show for every 100 vetted small businesses and organizations that the network refers to your bank.

2) To determine a time for your company to present your services to this group (at one of the incubators).

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