For One Million men and women caught-up in the Criminal Justice System to take advantage of an opportunity to exit America's broken revolving criminal door and to make sure that the One Million Kindergarteners never makes it to that broken door. It's going to take All of us.

The Perfect Connect Card is the platform. View the card details, Take the quick 30 second survey.

Call, tweet, IM, facebook, Instagram our leading voices below and encourage them view this system and lead us. Speak for us. They have the floor, the mic. How Powerful are our Black Men! They are all doing amazing jobs now. Which is why they are our leading voices.

Let's Talk About it. We just want to talk about how the voices (not their money) below can truly help change America's Criminal Justice system. We need 90 more Black Voices. Who are they? Click here to add their names.

Our leading Corporations want to know what America thinks about his system. It's a totally privately funded system through group purchasing contracts provided to the competing corporations.

America can change our criminal justice system without the votes of the broken Senate and the broken Congress and the hundreds of broken judges and solicitors that created and is sustaining the broken criminal system. It's not the system that is broken, it's the people. How can you ask someone that does not know they are broken to fix themselves. It starts with us not them. see the plan here. comment here.

Who "is us" Who "is them" It's not a black or white thing, it is absolutely a financial thing. Our knowledge of its root has now allowed the solution to begin to take shape. Twenty five years in the making and now is the time for it's manifestation. The Perfect Connection Financial Platform. Perfectly Connecting every sector of society with the financial resources that are most effective it's specific area or need. There are not any losers in this system.

All revenue is revolved in and out. There are absolutely no profits and no shareholders. No one gets rich off of the backs of the immediate needs of the members using the cards. All monies enter the system and are distributed out every month.

Take the Quick Survey or Comment below. To let the world know what you think!

Thousands of Jobs, Small Business Opportunities, Careers and Opportunities await.

We need One Million signatures of inquiry.

The Card that Restores Life:

Recruiting One Million Probation, Parole, DJJ, Homeless and Gang Members to use the card to change their situation.



To complete the two hundred corporate group contracts to purchase from this first group of One Million users and Ten thousand businesses and organizations.

One Million Individual Card Users and Ten Thousand Commercial Card Users.

Your $7 Individual membership and $100 Commercial Membership fee will be held in a secured account with Wells Fargo Bank until cards are issued and services are started on February 01, 2021.

You are Invited

to explore this long-term permanent solution to real criminal justice reform that is totally void and independent of politics and government funding.

The Perfect Connect Network does not accept any public funding, endorsements or donations of any kind. The entire system is built-on group corporate purchasing contracts for everyday essential items large and small. The PC Platform makes it possible all individual & commercial card holders to purchase as a group. All revenue from all platforms are paid-out to the members via their card or a paid service of their choice.

The network is seeking to build a communication’s team lead by 100 of America’s leading black men with voices and influence who will all simply invite America’s young men and women to use this PC card and services for a new start on life.

There are one million minority individuals currently in prison and on probation or parole; The network is seeking to survey and register all of them and convince each of them to use this PC card to start a new career or business and to pay-off their debts. The first One Million applicants will receive free phone service for-life.

The PC Card will fund 25,000 programs, projects, churches and organizations whose purpose is to further support and provide resources to this demographic to include your charitable and community projects.

This project will employee and create businesses for entire gangs and drug dealers and their workers.

Please review the project and you will find there has never been a solution to violence and poverty that is so simple and so effective and adds increase to All.

The country needs your voice to make this project a reality for America’s youth. Please take the survey and share the survey. We are not seeking any money, time or commitment. Just your sharing of information.

I would love to share more details on this project with you and the process that has taken 25 years to build and has cost me my life and health in so many ways.

Looking forward to working with you or your assigned representative!

Best regards,

Operations Director


carolinab2b.com | South Carolina

+1 (800) 948 5980 | Market Researcher

We are inviting our leaders with voices to explore the first of its kind long-term permanent solution to real justice reform that is totally void and independent of politics & government funding.

The PC Network is not seeking any public funding, endorsements or donations from this team. The entire system is built-on corporate purchasing contracts. The PC Platform allows all individual & commercial card holders to purchase as a group.

The Network is building a communications team lead by 100 of America’s leading black men with voices and influence to get this card and service into the hands of the one million men & women on probation or parole and the general public who are in-need of career and financial opportunities or a new start on a better quality of life.

Each media professional below is asked:

1.To view the PC Card Project, share your thoughts and the PC survey and link on your media platforms.

2.To present (giveaway) the first 10,000 Street-Life Cards to individuals in your listening or viewing audience (see ideas).

3.To present the first five hundred $10,000 checks to local small businesses through your platforms.

4.To refer resources that will help establish the services and centers in all cities, communities and prisons.


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