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Dear Company Executive,

You are invited to explore the new

National Funding Platforms for

Economic Equality & Justice for All Act.

The Network is seeking to partner with your firm to make critical legal and restoration resources available to communities around the nation.

The committee would be honored to receive your comments or suggestions on the brief summary below, that outlines a suggestive agreement and course of action,

that includes 500 to 3500 new clients for your firm provided by the network.

There are two pools of clients you will serve (both prepaid through the network):

1) 30,000 Individual clients with various criminal needs (vetted).

2) 3500 Small business and nonprofit clients (vetted).



(leave a comment at

Communication and Service Delivery Strategies:

Phase One – February 2021 – Coastal Carolina Regional Launch

Phase One:

Survey-Launch Date: February 8, 2021 to 30,000 potential network users

  • Niche Demographics: - One Million individuals who are in the Probation, Parole, & DJJ system or currently incarcerated.

  • 10,000 General Small businesses (existing and startup).

  • 30,000 Youth Sports Athletes and teams

  • Regional Test Launch: The network will serve 30,000 users who will join in the coastal regions of the

Carolina’s. Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC (Commercial and Personal Cards).

  • Startup Revenue: $210,000 will be generated through the survey & media partners to introduce the PC Commercial and Personal Debit cards and services.

  • National Launch July 2021, the network will launch nationally with 30,000 users to attract the additional One Million users.

No Risk Startup

The network is launched through conversations discussing workable solutions for poverty and criminal justice reform (through public tv, radio, online and print and a network of 50,000 barbers and salons nationwide).

The PC Debit Card is a national solution for a real national crisis that every corporation and leader will embrace. If there are any public criticisms; our immediate strategy and response will be “what is your solution to the poverty and violence in our Community.

The PC Debit Card is a national solution for a real national crisis that every corporation and leader will embrace. If there are any public criticisms; our immediate strategy and response will be “what is your solution to the poverty and violence in our

National Funding

Economic Equality & Justice for All blasts, blogs, social media, webpages, mobile apps, text blasts and data collection tools needed to launch the surveys are complete along with the contracts for the media partners and service providers needed to distribute the surveys across all platforms.

The network will simply distribute a survey that will serve as our information, data and marketing without any financial obligation or risk. The survey will cause the 30,000 to register and will provide the data that is needed to secure the contracts with the service-providers and the corporations.

The launching of the survey will provide the start-up capital needed to launch the PC Card and the CJR Network regionally (now) and nationally in six months.

Because Criminal Justice Reform is being demanded and resources for this demographic is critically needed in communities across the country, the efforts and solutions will be embraced and discussed throughout the country on all major platforms causing a Win, Win for all!



Project Summary

30,000 Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds and current charges will receive $1,000 per month to Restore their names and receive new careers, housing and jobs in return for their exclusive use of the PC Debit Card and website.

Legal Summary

· $200 is automatically deducted from all card user’s monthly funding and paid to the PC legal network (Six million dollars per month). The remainder of their $800 per month can be used for additional legal fees. The centers will assist users with budgeting their fees and daily expenses.

· Contracted Legal Partners (in-network attorneys) receive 500 guaranteed clients & retainer fees. Partnering attorneys pay $4,000 for every $20,000 they make from the network).

Work Plan Summary

· 25 Young Adults and local agencies will work-from and manage eight local Media Centers to serve the members and perform all work.

· Thirty local agencies, leaders, businesses, and service-providers will serve and counsel the network (see list).

Network Income Source

1. 200 Corporations will pay $1000 per month per card user for their $15,000 in sales using the PC Debit Card and platforms.

2. Debit card Transaction fees from the 30,000 users.

3. Attorneys will pay $4,000 for every $20,000 they generate from the network.

4. Network members will pay $100 to $200 per month retainer fees based on their individual need.

Phase One Budget:

Thirty Million Dollars generated through 30,000 card users who are being paid $1,000 per month to use the card (The PC Debit Card is Managed by: M&F Bank and M&F Bancorp, Inc.

The CJR Network will Manage: Retainer Fees $200 x 30,000 = $6,000,000 per month

Managed by: Your Firm $7 Application & Monthly fee = $210,000 Startup Monies


1. To release all Surveys to the ten different demographic (through the attached plan).

2. To present the results & applicants to the 200 participating corporations, service providers and banks.

3. Acquire the conversations and comments from the national Black Male Voices and the local media.

4. Launch the Registrations for The Pitch Television & Taping at the convention Center.

5. To determine a network of attorneys and administrators to serve the needs of the 30,000 members working through the eight Business Centers and Incubators.

6. Send Surveys and Service-Provider Invites to all partners needed to successfully serve the network.

a. See local and Corporate Service-provider list.

To Determine the exact Cost of serving the 30,000 members

o 90% of the work will be performed online (college students from local colleges perform majority of the administrative work under the direction of the professional partnering law firms.

o 10% in-person or court.

o The local media Centers and business incubators will be used at meeting and work locations when needed to be able to serve groups of individuals and to match the members with the proper agencies and individuals that will assist them.

See Marketing Launch Plan with:

Survey and Registration Application Distribution and Promotions

· 100 Young Adults (Young Entrepreneurs in training) working every Monday evening.

· 3500 Statewide Small businesses (starting with the 50,000 salons and barbers)

· 90 Local Media Outlets – Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC

· 20 National Black Celebrities


Roles & Responsibilities

**Sponsor / Manage the Survey and Application Process Only

1. Ensure legal soundness of the survey.

2. Review the letters & MOU to the corporations and send-out on-behalf of your firm.

Your Investment:

-To Review the network and the launch plan.

-To Send out letters to the following individuals and firms (letters and invitations are written & prepared electronically and online):

o 10 National Black Celebrities

o 30 local Service providers

o 2 Black-owned Banks

o Black Lives Matter Movement

o Salons and Barbers

o Verizon & At&t for the phone card service

Security of your Name and Investment

· The network will be performing a survey with no-guarantees or obligations. This phase one is simply starting a national conversation on the viability of this project and generating interest while gathering data for the corporations.

· All will be informed of the criteria for launching and releasing funds and services (30,000 must sign-up and 3500 Small businesses must sign-up before the corporations will accept the contracts so that the funding can be released.

· $210,000 in capital will be generated to launch the network regionally.

· Six million dollars will be generated to launch the network nationally.

Projected Revenue generated by your law firm through the PC Legal Network

1. After a successful regional launch of the Ten PC Surveys and The Pitch Television Project.

2. 500 Retainer Fees @ $200 = $100,00 per month

a. These clients are vetted and prepaid to you through the network of 10,000 small businesses and Young adults starting businesses or in-need of legal services.

3. A percentage of the $3,000,000 generated by the Legal Network will be determined after the Release of the PC Card & a funding strategy has been developed by all parties to serve the 30,000 members and card users that are generating the $3,000,000 per month by June 1, 2021. Clients are generated from a pool of 30,000 criminal justice card users (phase one and a pool of One Million after one year).

Funding Solutions for Carolina Small Businesses & Nonprofits

See The Pitch Television Show / The Business to Business Network / PC Debit Card



3500 Small Businesses and Organizations are watching and anticipating your responses

Survey Question (1) $_______.00 or ________%

Please provide an estimated dollar amount your company will sponsor The Pitch Television Show with for every 100 vetted Network members that use your company “Guaranteed” every season for your participation with the Network, The TV Show and the Business Incubators.

Survey Question (2) _A or _B

What is the best way for you to present your services to this group of 100 to 500 new clients?

A) Your company schedule group-presentations at one of the business incubator locations?

B) Or each client schedule one on one appointments with your company?

Answer Survey here

Email your answer:

Voicemail w/ answer (800) 948-5980

Your company receives your clients before you make any payments or provide any services to the members. The only requirement to get started is your announcement to the 500 organizations that Your company will serve their needs through B2B Network business incubator.



The funds member's receive are not free money, loans or grants and are not connected with the government and the network will not accept any government funding.
All Funding is generated through Group Contract Fees from the participating corporation and the debit card transaction fees.
In Order to qualify for the network's funds, members must have all of the criteria completed below, which positions all organizations for long-term success.
Completing these tasks also vets and prepares all members for the network's service-providers and your services.
The Network will NOT release funds to business owners that are operating in or under "provable-failing-situations and conditions"

The B2B Network and the Business Incubators will help all members complete all items listed below, so that they will qualify for the funding. The Network's priority is to serve struggling, failing or startup small businesses and organization's first. See website here.

All Applicants will qualify for the funding as long as you follow the criteria below and the counsel of the professional advisors. One thousand dollars of their funds are allocated to marketing and professional administration, who will ensure their organization's success and their qualification of their funding every month.


This process helps the network to vet all members for your service

__Budget (Realistic) – The Amount you receive each month is based-on this budget.

__Previous Tax History (If unavailable or you are a new startup; We will help to complete one).

__Daily Action Plan (Clear Goals, Vision, Mission & Purpose).

__Business Plan (up-to-date and realistic)

__legal business setup, All necessary license, tax id’s, & permits etc.

__If Nonprofit (Articles, bylaws, board, tax exempt, 501c3, Grant App etc.)

__Adequate Workspace/Office Space/ Operations facility etc.

__Branding: Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Stationary, and Promotional materials.

__Video Commercials and Strategies across all media platforms

__Website (working, effective, accept payments, connected to social media & user-friendly).

__Business Phone Number & Address

__Business Email Accounts

__Social Media (fb, linked-in, twitter, snapchat etc. all relevant to your products, services and audience).

__Resumes and Bios on all owners/leaders.

__List of Associations & Networks (chambers of commerce & Industry associations etc.)

__Business Partners: (Industry Consultant, Banker, Insurance, Attorney, Bookkeeper, Media Rep, Auto Rep).

__list of Industry Specific Vendors & Suppliers (needed to operate and grow).

Stay In-Touch, put your name on the list here

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