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Dear Company Executive,

You are invited to explore the new

National Funding Platforms that will finance

Economic Equality & Justice for All Reform.

The Network is seeking to partner with you to make critical opportunities, jobs, careers, small businesses and restoration resources available to individuals and communities around the nation.

The committee would be honored to receive your comments or suggestions on the brief summary here, that outlines a suggestive agreement and course of action,

that will provide ONE MILLION DEBIT CARDS


Each card serves as a source of income and resource for each card user.

The network does not and will not seek donations, contributions or grants. We are seeking your suggestions and comments only.

The network does not generate revenue or profits, all funds collected are distributed to the card uses and service providers. All accounts are zeroed-out every quarter, to prevent lobbying, bipartisanship decisions, corruption and politics.

Phase One:

America is seeking our 100 most influential male black voices to help

1) Build a Network of 10,000 Professional Black Men to deliver the financial services to this demographic.

2) and encourage the One Million men and women caught-up in the Criminal Justice System to take advantage of these $1000 per month debit cards.

This is a great opportunity for over 200,000 individuals to permanently exit America's broken revolving criminal door and to make sure that the One Million Kindergarteners entering America's education system never enters that broken criminal justice door.

It's going to take All of us and an almost flawless financial system. We are on our way, We need your voice.

See phase two and three below.


The Perfect Connect Debit Card and financial platforms serves as the funding source for the Justice programs and services. View the card details, Take the quick 30 second survey.

Each media professional is asked:

1) To view the PC Card Project and share your thoughts publically on your platforms (positive or negative).

2) To help build a coalition of 10,000 Black Male Leaders to distribute the cards and checks.

3) To present (giveaway) the first 10,000 $1,000 per month Debit Cards to individuals in your listening or viewing audience (creative ideas available).

4) To present the first five hundred $10,000 checks to local small businesses and nonprofits through your platforms.

5) To serve as a "virtual" judge on The Pitch Television Show Project. All business owners that are being awarded a $10,000 Commercial Business Debit Card must pitch their business or idea on the "THE PITCH".

How Powerful are our Black Men! You are all doing amazing jobs, which is why you are a leading national voice.

30,000 Salons and Barbers across the country are being asked to help determine the top 100 male black voices to represent the 40 Million Americans that will receive this debit card.

The network has begun recruiting through youth sports using the PC Youth Sports Connect Card In the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.

Communication & Services are performed to and through niche networks, demographics regions and communities. We must recognize and serve every demographic and community according to need. Every community of people have varying degrees of need.

The Network does not use the one size fits all method of serving the country. The purpose of the 10,000 member male leadership team is to make it possible to serve every community based on each community's specific set of conditions and residents.



serves to collect the data needed to secure the specific contracts needed to fund the cards and services. The PC Card System is a totally privately funded system, funded by the debit card transaction fees and the group purchasing fees and contracts provided to the competing corporations and partners.


FORMING A 100 NATIONAL BLACK MALE TEAM to set an example for the Young Black Males caught-up in the Criminal Justice System. The country has to see professional black Men of Power Working in Unity in order for real change to occur.

We are not leaving-out our queens or women. We are not suggesting that we are better. The system has deteriorated the black male image and our authority and our first priority is to begin to restore the pride and Authority that every black male has. 

The initial strategy is to demonstrate to America's young male demographic the power and authority they have. They must see black men in authority in order to know they have authority. Black Men will empower. We are simply taking the lead, taking the initial blows so that that the fruit and crowns of our queens will surely make a lasting impact also.

20,000 Salons and Barbers now voting


America can change our criminal justice system without the votes of the broken Senate and the broken Congress and the millions of broken judges, solicitors, elected officials and citizens who have systemically created and is sustaining the broken equal justice system.

It's not the system that is broken, it's the people. How can you ask someone that does not know they are broken to fix themselves or a system.

Reform starts with us not them (whoever "them" maybe, which is the problem; because "them" can not be held accountable or changed.

Who "is us" Who "is them" It's not a black or white thing, it is absolutely a financial thing. Our knowledge of its root has now allowed the solution to begin to take shape.

Twenty five years in the making and now is the time for it's manifestation. The Perfect Connection Financial Platform. Perfectly Connecting every sector of society with the financial resources that are most effective for their specific area or need.

All revenue is revolved in and out. There are absolutely no profits and no shareholders. No one gets rich off of the backs of the immediate needs of the members using the cards. All monies enter the system and are distributed out every month.

see the initial startup details here

Phase Two

Ten Million Americans will be served with $1000 per month.

To those that do not understand it and do not want to understand it: It's free money to them.

To those that know how purchasing and customer & client acquisitions work it's revolving money and every card holder is simply a contractor promising to spend their money with certain companies.

Its simply a method to spend together without the "crab" mentality.

Phase Three:

To the average American and the one hundred and fifty million card users all they will know or care-about concerning the card is that their bills are being paid and they are out of debt and living a little better because of the card. The thousands of cities around the nation will see new and gangs that formally sold drugs are now selling real products and services from the renovated facilities in the communities.

ALL REVENUE FROM ADVERTISING, CONTRACTS AND TRANSACTION FEES to serve these 50 Million Card users are distributed revolved back into the communities where it originated.

Those in Poverty spend five Trillion Dollars a year. There would be no-poverty in that community if a fraction of that money came-back to that community. This system pays the proper organizations to manage these dollars in every community! No politics or politicians to cut funding! A new multibillion dollar demographic of customers and clients are born and enter kindergarten and graduate high school every year.

The Money Never Stops, How money is Routed is what keeps the rich getting richer and the poor getting just enough to keep birthing new clients and customers in order to keep the rich getting richer. There is a dollar amount on the head of every baby born!

Take the Quick Survey or Comment below. To let the world know what you think!

Thousands of Jobs, Small Business Opportunities, Careers and Opportunities await.

We need One Million signatures of support.



the network does not start or create programs or services. The network provides funding and resources for existing programs and services in the communities.



To complete the two hundred corporate group contracts to purchase from this first group of One Million users and Ten thousand businesses and organizations.

To Survey and receive comments (positive or negative) from:

1) One Million Individuals in five niche demographics.

2) 100,000 Small Businesses and Nonprofits.

Looking forward to working with you or your assigned representative!

Best regards,

Operations Director


carolinab2b.com | South Carolina

+1 (800) 948 5980 | Market Researcher


THE IMMEDIATE RESOURCE TO CRITICALLY REDUCE VIOLENCE, DRUGS AND GANGS IN THE INNER CITIES. To Provide Creative Service Jobs, Careers and Small Businesses in-replace of the drugs they are selling.

To Employ entire Gangs and Groups to run and operate the new facilities and sell the various products and services.


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