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Your Refundable $7 pre-registration secures your card your service slot and gives you access to follow the communication and negotiations with all corporations. 



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Struggling or Failing Business Owners or Nonprofit Leaders Click here and leave your Organization Name, Address, Phone, email and website (if you have one).

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The Solution for the country.

53% of Americans making less than $75,000 per month are right-now, living check to check with one step away from eviction or repossessions or hungry. And the COVID-19 has not made it any better, but worse. A one-time stimulus check or the one-time tax return each year is not the solution for a sustained route to recovery or a better quality of life.


A group of young entrepreneurs working out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina has developed the Perfect Connection Debit Card and PC Platforms that will serve over 50 Million Americans with an average of one thousand dollars per month in extra income just for using the debit card and the PC platforms.


This is not free money, grants, loans or government funding. All card users must spend a minimum amount each month with the service providers, using the debit card in order to receive the various services, products and funding that is available to serve the card user’s specific need.


The card is available to Individuals, Groups, businesses and nonprofits.

3500 Small Businesses and organizations will receive the Ten Thousand dollars per month per region or county per state.


As part of the first promotional campaign, the network is offering free phone service paid for life for the first One Million Individuals to apply for the card or to reserve their service slot.


The first round of services are scheduled to begin on February 1, 2021 with the Official Phase One Launch Date.


The PC Card and the Network Platforms are simply group purchasing platforms from major corporations.


Our online survey is quick (30 seconds) and upon completion you will be able to see and stay up-to-date on all communications from the corporations, media and the other participating small businesses and organizations through the “follow-the-money app”.


If you are interested in helping to make this project a reality for your family, business or organization and for the millions of families and communities around the country please take the survey and put your name on the list to ensure you are one of the recipients when the funds and cards are released. You will receive all details and instructions via email and the website. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.