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Real Criminal Justice Reform & Recovery Starts with Our Money

The PC Card is simply a Financial Platform that returns the revenues from the monies that we spend back to our communities. Currently every dollar we spend even our taxes leaves our community and never returns. The revenues and profits from this card and the financial platforms are paid-out to those that are using the card instead of high paid CEO's and shareholders. 

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Train and Work in all phases of Video, Music, Production, Filming, Movies on all Platforms & Sound, Lighting & Graphics for Web, Social Media, Media, Marketing and Commercials

Performing Arts Network

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Young Adults 17 to 25 Start Your Career or Business Here

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Sports and Athletes Here

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Street Films

Hands-on Jobs and Career

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Media Arts Academy

Creative Services Hands-on Training & Career Program


Diamonds in the Rough

Job-Training & Career Service

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Time-Out Youth Tour

Job-Training & Career Service

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