The $10,000.00 per month

for Five Hundred Commercial Members * Five Million Dollars Per Month * Sixty Million Dollars Per Year

and One million members ($7 subscribers to the debit card, website and magazine)

How Does the Network Generate these funds for the members?


Forty Five Million Dollars of this Sixty Million Dollars was spent last year and will be spent this year from this group of 500 small to "very' small businesses. Half to a third of this money was not reported to the IRS (which is where the B2B Network will help, to get this money reported properly). However, even-though roughly twenty five million dollars of these funds were not reported; These funds still was spent with the local corporations.


Because this group spends sporadically and not necessarily effectively due to information and education it hinders their business growth along with the local communities where they are located. Through the Business to Business they will spend more wisely and more effectively with the help and counsel of professionals.

Purchasing as a group will give this group a voice with local policies and public information as it relates to their business, organizations, families and communities etc.

Even though these five hundred small businesses exist and are spending money. Now they will understand that their businesses will grow exponentially and their families and communities will now benefit from the spending.

Corporations budget for these fees.

They are called Acquisitions cost for customers and clients. The B2B Network is simply another awesome service for our local companies to use to help generate and retain customers and clients.


Acquisitions are spent through many means: company website & social media, sales person's salaries, commissions, television and radio, print, online ads, flyers, mailers, events, conferences, freebies, specials, discounts, politicians, lobbyists, elections, campaigns, donations, sponsorships, grants and other forms corporations use to win the attention of new customers and retain their current customers. 

however, these companies can not "guarantee" the corporations sales and customers. The PC Network is able to guarantee and prepay for its services and members.


How You Generate Your $10,000.00


All of your spending and product-sections and services are made through the's website. You purchase All of your Services and Products and pay all of your bills in one place. Hassle-Free. All of your services and products are added to this same site and available to the millions that are contracted to use the site just like you. Site users are generated world-wide.

If there is a company that you want to use, simply recommend they be added to the network or website. The culture the network is desiring to build is You should only desire to spend money with companies that desire to spend money with you and your community. All IN-Network members spend money with each other.

​This Amount and these revenue sources does not include the customers and clients you will generate through through your local and national exposure through the tv show and its promotions and your new marketing, promotions and acquisitions strategies.

Phase One

500 small businesses, churches, teams, nonprofits, teams, groups and artists will sell and offer their services and products to the Million (+) members and users of the website.

The 500 members will serve as communication platforms and their customers, members, supporters and influencers are the primary members of the website. Website and card members are worldwide.

The 500 will also purchase from this Million (+) pool of businesses and corporations (all are vetted and above industry standard)

1)     Revenue Source One: $10,000 per member.

The PC Debit Card, Website & Network News Magazines (one million subscribers, users, customers & supporters).

$7 Monthly subscription and membership fee is paid by one million personal members to use the website, the card and support the Ten Million dollars that will be revolved back into their families and communities and youth through the network.


2)     Revenue Source Two: $5,000

100 of your B2B Network Members are contracted to spend a minimum of $50.00 per month with your Business. 

3)     Revenue Source Three: $5,000

Corporate Group Contract Fees. 500 Organizations will spend a minimum of $40 per month with 100 participating corporations who will pay a minimum of $4,000 for their guaranteed $20,000 worth of business pre-paid by the B2B Network's financial platforms (PC Debit Card, website and financial platforms).

2) Guaranteed Revenue Source Three: $5,000 per member.

The PC Debit Card, Website & Ten News Magazines (one million customers & supporters).

$7 Monthly subscription and membership fee is paid by one million personal members to use the website, the card and support the Ten Million dollars that will be revolved back into their families and communities and youth through the network.


All Fees and Revenue generated from sales are Distributed to the members and card users.

Users make

$1000 to $10,000 per month.

Personal member's $7 user and member fee

1) Pays the $10,000 revenue that their team, church or nonprofit is receiving


2) Pays for students and youth programs and services. 

MY PC Eccomerce site.jpg

THE BUDGET (simplified - phase one)

PER five hundred commercial members (Broken-down by Industry and demographic).

PER one million individual member's gateway transactions and purchases.

PER two hundred corporations paying for the guaranteed purchases of the 500 & one million members.

Based on 45 Million dollars in commercial spending through the network platforms per year ($5,000/month each).

Based on 1.2 billion dollars in personal spending & transactions by the personal members ($1,000/month each).


(does not include income generated from the sales, transactions & group contracts on the one million members or the 1.2 billion dollars).

- $100 Membership Fees x 500 Commercial members - $50,000

- $7 Membership Fees x one million individual users and subscribers - 7 Million dollars.

- $4,000 Contract Fees x 200 on $20k guaranteed purchasing (corporate Group-Contract Purchasing fees  - 3.2 million dollars.

- 20% Contract Fees on 1.2 billion dollars in guaranteed sales - 240 Million (one million customers/clients).


Network Operations - two million dollars.

Network Commercial member payouts - five million dollars.

Network PC personal card payouts - three million dollars (phase one 30,000 Youth Connect Cards)

Network PC personal card payouts - two hundred forty million dollars (480,000 personal $500 PC Cards).

These are Monies that are spent back into the local businesses, families, youth and communities.


Data is based on a phase one launch in the Coastal Carolina Region of Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC with a potential reach of five million and also using the exposure and resources from the National Survey and Campaign for the Economic Equality and Justice for all project and the anticipation and strategic worldwide launch of the PC Card and Network to fund Economic Equality and fairness for all.


Made possible through a Group Purchasing Network.

- 500 Businesses purchasing from each other and purchasing from 200 specific corporations.

- One Million individual members serving as the guaranteed customer-base for the commercial members and the corporations.


The Network Business members will be able to grow and expand with out the hassle of finding their own customers and clients.

500 immediate customers and clients and a $10,000 a month start.

  • 500 Businesses are contracted to spend a minimum of $40 per week with 50 Corporations. The Corporations pay a minimum of $4,000 or $20% for the Guaranteed Group Purchasing Contracts.

  • The Network divides the money and distributes to the Network members.

  • All Transactions are electronically processed using a purchasing debit card, bank account and the website. These are everyday operational expenses (supplies services etc. to fit each industry).

  • All 500 businesses in the network are required to use each other’s services and products. If a business is not in need of any of the member’s services or products, then they are responsible for locating someone to use the service or product.

  • The first phase is designed to link 500 general services and products that all will be able to use in some capacity, business, home, community, church, organization etc.

Hassle-Free Online & Electronically - All Payments & Purchasing is-Tracked, figured & paid-out monthly electronically through membership number and the debit-purchasing card 


Startup and Existing (50 Industries 10 businesses per Industry).

Contracted to purchase all operational Needs through the PC Platforms and Network. Must spend $3,000 of the $10,000 with the corporate service providers.


All Network Members contracted to use each other (on some level). Not obligated to give-up current out of network vendors (must give network members some level of your service).

50 Industries

10 per industry per county/region


1.Administrative Services

2.Multimedia Services


4.Loans & Mortgages

5.Legal Services Attorney


7.Television Air

8.Radio Air

9.Cable Communications



12.Office Supplies

13.Cellular Service & Phones



16.Office Space

17.Meeting & Conference Space

18.Vehicle Sales

19.Transportation / Delivery

20.Trucking / Logistics


22.Lawn Care


24.Home Healthcare








32.Gas / Fuel



$20,000 worth of product

per week (min. $40 each)

Along with the other

499 Network businesses

$4,000 per month


$4,000 per week minimum to CMB and CMB Distribute $360,000/week to 500 Participating Small Businesses

50 Corporate Service Providers

All Network Members must use the service providers. Their Services added to the PC Website (Each bid to be added to Pay through CSP, IPA &






5.Cell Phone





10.Office Space














All Contracted to Using the PC Platforms to get paid and sell



  1. All added to website

  2. App & PC Card

  3. Their Services added to the PC Website (Each bid to be added to

Hotels / Vacations


Cell Service

Building - home



Costco, Sams


Circle K, Exxon


Food Lion

Lowes, Piggly Wiggly

Dollar General

Family Dollar

Roses, K-Mart


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