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The Pitch is an Effective and Exciting Project to Fund 3500 Small Businesses and Nonprofits in the State

Your company will receive 100 to 500 New Vetted Clients every season for your participation.

The network members are waiting, watching and anticipating your response.

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To Introduce your company to the new Business to Business Network and Pool of Account Holders

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Please provide an estimated dollar amount your company will sponsor The Pitch Television-with for every 100 qualified and vetted clients “Guaranteed” every quarter in return for your participation with the Business to Business Network, The Pitch TV Show and the Business Incubators.

(2) Survey Question   _A   or _B

What is the best way for you to present your services to this group of 100 to 500 new account holders.

A)   Your company schedule group-presentations at one of the business incubator locations?

B)   Or each organization schedule one on one appointments with your company?


Your company receives your clients or account holders before you make any payments or provide any services to the members. The only requirement to get started is your announcement to the 500 organizations that Your company will serve their needs through B2B Network business incubators.

"We" Win When "We" Work As-One!

Join the B2B Network that has established a "right-now" workable solution to save 3500 of our local small businesses and community organizations with a long-term funding plan that benefits All.

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