1. Take the Survey

  2. Subscribe to the News Magazine (to stay informed of the process and funding).

  3. Submit the Registration form to determine how much funding you qualify-for each month ($1500 to $10,000)

  4. Submit the list of services you need in order to qualify for your funding.

  5. Start working-on your business services, clients and your Pitch Video while the funding is being approved and released to you.

  6. Attend Monday Night zoom sessions 

A group of local young entrepreneurs and college students has developed the Carolina Business to Business Network and The Pitch Television Show.

​These two projects will provide critical funding and resources for groups of 500 small businesses and nonprofits who has annual revenues and budgets under $150,000.


Individually, each B2B member has a monthly operation's budget just over $7,500 and less than $100,000 per year. However, (collectively. purchasing together) through the Carolina B2B Network, this group will spend $3.7 Million dollars per month and over forty five million per year ($45,000,000).


The network's primary responsibility is to maintain group-corporate contracts, industry-specific service providers and a niche-based pool of customers and clients for each member.

Through the network each member is also contracted to spend-monies with each other, guaranteeing each member a minimum of 499 guaranteed clients.

The B2B Network pays each member through the group purchasing contracts and online transaction fees that are generated from the corporate contracts.

You are Invited to "watch" or "take part" in an amazing funding project coming to the Carolinas.

The Carolina Business to Business Network is currently taking steps to partner-with one hundred local corporations who will accept the terms of the group-purchasing agreements that will make it possible for your organization or business to receive $1,500 to $10,000 every month on a group purchasing debit card.


This $1,500 to $10,000 per month is available to your business, organization or project if you are willing to use the local banks and corporate companies that are providing the funding.


The Community Media Centers are responsible for finding, qualifying and preparing five hundred small businesses and organizations for these funds. The new Carolina Media Centers and Business Incubators will help you through the entire process until you have received your funds.

I am encouraging you to register now before it is announced through the national media state and worldwide (wait times for funding and services will increase once the project is national news). There is an online “follow-the-money-app” that shows who’s giving the money and who’s getting the money and when.


When both sides reach an agreement, you must be willing to do the following to qualify for the funding:

**All monies must be used exclusively for your business or organization’s daily operations and expenses (bills, media, insurance, payroll, transportation, equipment, supplies and debt etc.).

1.You must use the local bank where your funds will be deposited (meaning, you must not withdraw all funds from the account at one-time, you must use the debit card for purchases).

2.You must use the PC financial platforms  to pay your bills and purchase your supplies and equipment.

3.You must use the B2B Business Incubators and participate in one of the Network Events (see below).

This project will NOT fund or service the businesses listed here.

You will register by simply acknowledging that you will use the banks and companies that are providing the funds (register here).


You will be notified by email when your funds are available and you will continue the process at that time.

Various funders may contact you to confirm that you will use their company when funds are made available.

The partnering corporations base their funding on the number of businesses and organizations that are registered in each industry.

Click here to see if your name, business or organization is on the list.

Call (800) 948-5981 if the temporary access code is not available online.

Who can Register?

​New or Existing:

  1. Young Adults

  2. Small Businesses

  3. Nonprofits

  4. Churches

  5. Performing Artists

  6. Sports teams

You must be able to demonstrate that your services and products are needed in the community and does not cause harm or destruction to individuals or the community.

See List of Horry County Registered Small Business and Organizational Leaders who will qualify here.

Business Woman Smiling

The Carolina B2B Network is Inviting local Small Business Owners and Organizational Leaders to take advantage of the 

$1,500 to $10,000 per month funding project.


We All Win When We Work & Purchase As One.


3500 must Register per state for all to receive their funding!

Please add the names and organizations that are not on the list. Follow the funding process here.

Working Together


$7 Phone Service for life, for the first One Million Applicants

Available for All Phones and all Service-providers.

The PC's Promotional Campaign to promote the network and Sign-up the first One Million Card Users.

Simply register for your B2B Membership and you are registered for your free $7 phone service.

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