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Now Recruiting & Developing the Next 100 Young Millionaires

Come Ready to Grind & Work Harder than every other Young Adult in the World..…

and by January 2023 You will have Made More Millions than every other Young Adult in the World!

The Companies you will be using will be onsite to introduce their products and services each week and answer questions

See list of Media and Corporations Here

At This Time

We are only Seeking Young Adults with Ambition & Passion to Start or Run their own business or someone else's business or organization.

During phase two these Young Adults will Hire the Young Adults who simply want to work.


  1. Take the Survey

  2. Subscribe to the News Magazine (to stay informed of the process and funding).

  3. Submit the Registration form to determine how much funding you qualify-for each month ($1500 to $10,000)

  4. Submit the list of services you need in order to qualify for your funding.

  5. Start working-on your business services, clients and your Pitch Video while the funding is being approved and released to you.

  6. Attend Monday Night zoom sessions 

Great for Young Adults Seeking a Secure Career Path

or to Start or Expand a Business Idea.

You Will Work on Your Business & Several Productions & Events for your start-up funds.

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As you are building your business or organization:

You will work-on the following to make money ($300 to $700 per week to start)

  1. You will work-with and manage one of the Business Centers and Incubator sites

  2. Administrative & Marketing Services for Members

  3. One of the Ten Events here

  4. Manage one of the PC Card Networks


You will complete the following criterial for your business and you will work-on and be paid for providing these services for the other 3500 B2B Members.

__Budget (Realistic) – The Amount you receive each month is based-on your budget

__Previous Tax statements (If unavailable, we will work with you through this process)

__Daily Action Plan (Clear Goals, Vision, Mission & Purpose)

__Business Plan (up-to-date and realistic)

__legal business setup  (All necessary license, tax id’s, & permits etc.)

__If Nonprofit (Articles, bylaws, board, tax exempt, 501c3, Grant App etc.)

__Workspace/Office Space/ Operations facility

__Branding: Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Stationary, Promotional materials

__Website (Effective, Accept payments, Connected to social media & User-friendly).

__Business Phone Number & Address

__Business Email Accounts

__Social Media (fb, linked-in, twitter, snap chat etc. and all that are relevant to your products, services and audience).

__Resumes and Bios on all owners/leaders

__Associations & Networks (chambers of commerce & Industry associations etc.)

__Business-Service Partners: (Industry Consultant, Banker, Insurance, Attorney, Bookkeeper, Media Rep, Auto dealer).

__list of Industry Specific Vendors & Suppliers (needed to run your business or organization: Online & local).

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Businesswoman with Tablet

Media & Business Professionals are Invited to serve as a mentors to the students & the projects:


To Provide 30 minutes to an hour once or twice a month.

•View the projects and concepts.

•Allow students to ask questions, Give your feed-back.

•Share your experiences and success tips for your industry.


Must commit to a minimum of two hours per day, two days per week.

Hands-on training and real experience for resumes, portfolios & service hours.

(as a volunteer and hands-on training)

•4 p.m. to 10 p.m.  


Conway or Longs



1.One of the Ten Freedom Week Projects

2.Perfect Connection Project (Many opportunities for travel available)

3.Post and comment on social Media Daily

4.Prepare Stories or Columns for the Magazine


PAID POSITIONS (to receive pay for your work)

Must report 5 days per week and 4 hours per day.

Must submit your Weekly Project Tracking and Time Sheet.

Under 18 must have parent/guardian consent and active participation

on projects.



You must first gain a thorough knowledge of the organization and purpose and demonstrate your level of commitment and willingness to learn (There is a 30 day probationary period in-order for you to learn us and we learn-you). The Ambassador Team members must vote you on or off (we are search for management-Entrepreneurial type leaders at this time).

1.First Task

•Write a column for the magazine and

•Generate 100 Subscribers

•Promote one of the Freedom Week Events

There is a strict course of action to generate these subscribers by informing and including your family, friends, schools and circle of influence.