Short Synopsis

Your company does NOT pay any advertising, sales commissions, acquisition fees or ad campaigns of any kind.

Your products are sold before you pay or commit to any contracts.

A minimum of One Million Dollars in pre-paid sales through 3500 organizations and One Million members (through the PC Card and Website) contracted to exclusively purchase from your company.

In Just the Coastal Region of North and South Carolina Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC.

That is phase-one only. Phase two include eight million members and 10,000 Organizations.


Everybody Wins With the New Carolina Business to Business Network Group Purchasing Project

The Network provides funding for 3500 of your daily customer’s programs and small businesses with

$1,500 to $10,000 per month (based-on their budgets).



Due to COVID-19 and now the slow winter season, our local small businesses and nonprofit organizations are in dire need of immediate financial solutions.

IPA Mobile App and B2B Network will provide a long-term solution to financial recovery for our local small businesses and organizations.

All are watching this communication in anticipation of positive responses from our corporate partners.


Your Participation along with 99 other corporations will fund 3500 local organizations and small businesses.

This Preregistration process serves as confirmation to the participating organizations and the community of your intention to partner with the IPA so they can properly plan through this pandemic and difficult time by using these funding services.


Developed by a New Crop of Graduating Young Adult Entrepreneurs

Zero Risk to You,

Zero Upfront Funds Needed

Zero Upfront Investment Required

Zero Effort or Changes Required

Zero Commitment Required


During This first Phase November 2020 thru March 2021

The Network is simply Matching Your Product with the network’s specific-group of members who will contract to purchase a minimum amount of product from your company every month through the

PC Platforms.



Fill-in the short form below, to secure a slot for your company's guaranteed $20,000 (+) in sales every week.

We do not need money or a commitment.

The community and the network simply wants to know,

How much would your company pay the IPA Mobile App (in support of the local organizations) for every $20,000 per week that the network pays your company?

Over 500 organizations and their members and supporters are now waiting and watching this process anticipating the IPA serving as their long-term effective financial solution.



1) To allow this group of 3500 organizations and their 30,000 supporters and members to purchase 2700 of your gift certificates as apart of their fundraising projects through this new IPA Mobile App.



2) To determine an amount that your company would be willing to pay this group of 3500 organizations each month for every $20,000 worth of product they purchase from You “Guaranteed” every single week!

Your company receives your payment electronically before you make any payments to the network.


To get started the network simply needs your ok and the product you want sold. A full proposal and agreement is ready.

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