We will survive this pandemic & the winter season - A new source of funding, just in time

This survey serves to determine the percentage of the community who took action based-on the request to review the Network.

Together we can bring this funding source and network to all communities.

100 corporations & 3500 organizations needs you to take the 30 second survey below.

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Will You sign a contract to use the  funds that you are awarded  to purchase from corporations that are paying into the system that is providing you with $10,000 per month through the PC Platforms. Details here.

(1) Survey Question  (Yes / No)

Are you willing to use one commercial debit card and one website to pay all of your bills and purchase your business products in return for $10,000 per month and the marketing and business services that are provided by your local business incubator (see services)?

(2) Survey Question  (On a scale of 1 to 10):

How badly does the local nonprofits and small businesses in your community need access to reliable and consistent startup, funding, marketing and clients, customers or supporters

$7 Phone Service for life, for the first One Million Applicants

Available for All Phones and all Service-providers.

The PC's Promotional Campaign to promote the network and Sign-up the first One Million Card Users.

Simply register for your B2B Membership and you are registered for your free $7 phone service.

"We" Win When "We" Work As-One!

Join the B2B Network that has established a "right-now" workable solution to save 3500 of our local small businesses and community organizations with a long-term funding plan that benefits All.

(It is time-out for depending on our Government, "we-collectively" have the resources and money right-here in our community to fund every relevant small business and every community organization that is dedicated to their constituents).

Local Corporations and Media Companies (see list) along with the local Business Owners and Organizational Leaders Below will work together through these platforms to fund 3500 Organizations in the coastal regions of North & South Carolina through this project. See list below.