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One Million Card Users in Seven Demographics

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PC Personal Card Registration Here

It's Not Free Money, Loans or Grants & never has to be repaid (as long as you are using your card and PC financial platforms)

REGISTER HERE (see each card's details and requirements)

$14 Registration - Support & One Service

  • One Service of Your Choice (see below or click here)

  • Magazine Subscription

  • Support your church, team or favorite nonprofit

  • Feed youth, seniors and disabled.

  • Violence in your community


1) log-onto One United Bank

or Open an account at one of the local banks in your city:

$7 Registration - Support Only

  • Magazine Subscription

  • Support your church, team, favorite nonprofit or small businesses.

  • Feed: youth, seniors and disabled.

  • Stop the Violence Programs in your community.

  • Healthcare, Criminal and Economic Justice Reform.

  • Community Improvement projects


  • Each card is designed to help ease your monthly financial burdens so that you can increase your income.

  • Each Card is $7 (you can select as many cards as you desire)

  • Your Payment is made at the end of the month after your card usage is fulfilled.



  • You must spend all $1000 using the card or one of the PC Platforms (everything you need is available through the card).

  • You must spend a minimum of One thousand extra dollars per month using the card.

  • You must open an account and have your standard income direct deposited into the account.


  • Choose your card based on the specific need or want you desire.

  • Each card has its on set of criteria, obligations and requirements.

  • Most cards other than the youth cards require you have a source of income ($1500 or more) direct-deposited to your account. There are many programs and job, income and career services available for income.

  • Must see the and adhere-to each card’s requirements.


  • Select Your Card based on your need

  • Fill out Account form online (Prepaid or Regular Account)

  • Your money will be deposited into this account only. You must direct deposit your pay into this account.

  • Must use card, website and platforms for thirty days before your first round of funds are deposited to your card.

  • During this time you will select the corporate providers of your bills and debts.

  • You will enter as many products as possible that you use or are planning on purchasing.

  • You will customize your page with the products and services that fits your life and life-style.

SELECT YOUR CARD HERE (see each card's requirements & Conditions)

Youth Cards

$100 to $200 per month (through graduation. Must maintain above average grades)

  1. Youth Connect Card (details here)

  2. Youth Sports Card

  3. Youth Performing Arts Card

  4. Student Honors Card

Debt Repayment Cards

  1. Debt Freedom Card

  2. Student Loan Debt Card

  3. Senior Life Card

LIFE CARDS ($1000 per month)

  1. College Tuition Card

  2. Hope & Freedom Card (Disabled & Senior Care Cards)

  3. Street Life Card

  4. PC New Life Card (Criminal Justice & Reform Project

  5. PC Health & Wellness Card

  6. PC New Life Card (Economic Reform for income under $15k)

  7. Mothers Against Violence

  8. Law Enforcement Cards

  9. Motor Sports Card

  10. Biker

  11. Car Club


Right Response Project

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To Complete Your Registration you must choose one of the bundled service or product package

Registrants are required to support the participating corporations that are funding

(A) Small Businesses & Nonprofits Bundled Package

(B) Sports and Team Bundle

(C) eneral Registration Bundle

Are you planning to purchase a vehicle in the next 30 days?

For the duration of the Registration Sessions June thru August 2021.

Pay your deposit here and purchase your vehicle from Ford or Chevrolet and pick-up your vehicle at the registration site of your home city and the PC Network will pay you up to $20,000 back on the purchase price of your vehicle.

see all details here.

Are you planning to purchase a Home or Motor-coach in the next 30 days?

The PC Network will totally pay-off a home or Motorcoach for the first five registrants that purchase their home or coach through the PC Network.

Pay your deposit here, purchase your Coach or New Home from one of PC's Corporate Partners and pick-up your keys or Coach at one of the Registration Sessions.


see details here.


Sessions are held every
Tuesday & Thursday

10am & 6pm
(zoom or in-person)
Starting June 1, 2021
June 15th - Loris, SC
June 17th - Charlotte, NC
June 19th - Patterson, NJ
June 20th - Mt. Vernon, NY
June 23rd - Atlanta, GA
June 25th - Washington, DC
June 29th - Boston, MA
July 6th - Detroit, MI
July 8th - Chicago IL
July 13th - Memphis, TN
July 15th - Montgomery, AL
July 20th - Jackson, MS
July 22nd - Dallas, TX
July 27th - Omaha, NE
July 29th - Denver, CO
August 3rd  - Las Vegas, NV
August 5th - Oakland, CA
August 10th - Los Angeles, CA
August 12th - St. Luis, Missouri
August 17th  - Miami, FL


Get that "great-idea" out of your head and working.