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Funding Solutions in the Carolinas


Every Business WINS If You Don't Quit and You Follow the Instructions of the Professionals

One Hundred Million Dollars in One Year

is Revolved Back into our Families and Communities When We All Win!

Currently 500 Small businesses and nonprofits generate $45 Million Dollars a year. The Pitch and the local professionals will double over 50% of these businesses revenue through the network services and group-purchasing.

Television and Social Media Exposure for your Business, Organization or Project

500 Small Businesses & Organizations Pitching for $10,000 per month.

Successful Businesses, Agencies & Consultants, will Critique, Advise and help guide All Participants to Success.

You are judged on your business plan, preparation, creativity, collaborations, excellence and the criteria below.

The Media Arts Centers are available to assist you.

The Pitch is not a Contest. The Additional $10,000 is simply awarded to the person that exceeded everyone's expectations of them and their service or product. Every participant is a member of the Carolina Business to Business Network. The Pitch is simply the Network's creative platform to introduce and promote the members of the network and recognize the corporate contractors.

Participants all sign an agreement and contract in full recognition of the fact that the word "competition" is apart of the promotional strategy. The community and viewers are made aware of the fact that the competition is a business development project. 

All participants will receive the same funding and opportunities. The Pitch is a business and community development of the Carolina Business to Business Network in association with the National Economic Equality and Justice for all Project.

See communication process with the Corporate Sponsors:

Banks, Attorneys, Accountants, Media, Restaurants, Auto Dealers, Grocery, Retail


(New or Existing)

Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Churches, Groups,

Performing Artists, Sports teams,

  • You must be ready to demonstrate that your services or products are needed in the community and does not cause harm or destruction to individuals or the community.

  • If you are a new startup, you must be prepared to discuss and present your idea in great detail and passion.

  • The Business Incubators will walk you through the process to ensure you receive your funding. 

Business Woman Smiling


& the $10,000 per month.


This fee is a small investment - Not a chance or lottery (this fee also serves to eliminate those individuals who desire something free or those who believe making $200,000 (+) a year is easy or should be easy (click here for more).​

Your Fee will pay for:

1) Your $100 deposit to open the Bank Account where your funds will be deposited (see details).

2) Your Television & Radio Interviews and your presentation of the best television package of services that best fits your business or organization (you make your appointment at registration) see details.

3) Your Appointment with an Attorney to discuss all the legalities and options for your business and any legal matters you may need assistance with now to ensure your future success is not hindered (You make your appointment at registration) see details.

4) Your Pitch Video & Presentation Production (see details).

5) Your  Business & Media Service Package (see all included here).


  1. Your Business Will be fully established (based on your willingness to follow the advice of he consultants)

  2. By the end of the contest - season, whether you win or not, the world will know you and your business.

  3. Our professionals will ensure you are prepared for the contracts and sales that will follow.

  4. (Our sponsors and consultants need your business to succeed so that you can purchase their products and services)!


  • You must Submit a 30 Second Video with your registration (talking about your business or project).

  • You Must Produce a Two Minute Professional Pitch Video with your final presentation (Video-Production Students will assist you with this video).


The Network will not invest funds into “provable” failing situations.

  • Your Registration Fee will cover the cost of any of the services you need to position your business for success and to qualify for the funding. The Business Centers will work through all situations to help you. No situation is too big or too small!



TV Affiliate
Channel 1
National Bank
Law Firm Attorneys at Law
Retail Club
Chamber of Commerce



TV Affiliate
Channel 1
National Bank
Law Firm Attorneys at Law
Retail Club
Chamber of Commerce


ages 18-25

TV Affiliate
Company Attorneys at Law
Office Supply
Chamber of Commerce



All of the following will be completed by the end of your competition process.

The Carolina Business Centers & Incubators will assist you with any of the items below that you do not have so that you will qualify for the funding (Download and Print Packet Here)

Your Registration Fees will Pay for Any or ALL of the Services below to so that You will qualify for the funding at the end of the contest. See the services you need and pay the appropriate fee to get started. For in-person sessions, You will use the center that is closest to your home, business or workplace.


Several programs available for young adults and small community organizations to help pay your registration fees.

Download Packet

What You Receive - Check List

__Budget (Realistic) – The Amount you receive each month is based-on your budget

__Previous Tax statements (If unavailable, we will work with you through this process)

__Daily Action Plan (Clear Goals, Vision, Mission & Purpose)

__Business Plan (up-to-date and realistic)

__legal business setup  (All necessary license, tax id’s, & permits etc.)

__If Nonprofit (Articles, bylaws, board, tax exempt, 501c3, Grant App etc.)

__Workspace/Office Space/ Operations facility

__Branding: Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Stationary, Promotional materials

__Website (Effective, Accept payments, Connected to social media & User-friendly).

__Business Phone Number & Address

__Business Email Accounts

__Social Media (fb, linked-in, twitter, snap chat etc. and all that are relevant to your products, services and audience).

__Resumes and Bios on all owners/leaders

__Associations & Networks (chambers of commerce & Industry associations etc.)

__Business-Service Partners: (Industry Consultant, Banker, Insurance, Attorney, Bookkeeper, Media Rep, Auto dealer).

__list of Industry Specific Vendors & Suppliers (needed to run your business or organization: Online & local).

Bring that 

"GREAT Idea"

to LIFE!


All monies each month, must be used for your daily operations: vehicles, bills, lease/mortgage, media, insurance, payroll, equipment, supplies or debt etc.. $5,000 must be used with specific corporations that are funding this project.



1.You must use one of the local participating banks and the media outlets.

2.You must use the IPA Mobile App and PC financial platforms (debit card & website) to pay your bills and purchase your supplies and equipment.

3.You must participate in one of the Network Events (see below).

4.You must Join the B2B Network and use the media centers &  Incubators.


“FOLLOW THE MONEY” is apart of the funding process!

This webpage allows you to see who is saying what and what negotiations are in process. The site documents who’s giving the money, who’s getting the money and when!

Working Together


Phase-One Serving Horry County, South Carolina.

Are you listed?

Click here to see the Partial Listing of local leaders operating public small businesses, churches or organizations that will qualify for the funding.


However the network will assist business owners to revamp or change their services or products to serve a broader base.

  • The Network Reserves the right to refuse service to any business or organization that our Network deems destructive to the individual person, environment or community.

  • The Network’s standards and value-system is taken from the Holy Bible and God’s Commandments. The B2B Network does not operate by religious or society’s standards, beliefs and practices.

  • The B2B Network will use the guides and  standards of the  local Chambers of Commerce, SBA and Better Business Bureaus etc.


1.Liquor Stores

2.Night Clubs & Bars

3.Tobacco & Cigar (only stores)

4.Marijuana stores

5.Pornography or sex related entertainment, products or services

6.Counseling Services that counsels against the Holy Bible.

7.Any organizations, materials that teach or market specifically against the Holy Bible Teachings.

8.Predatory lending and financial institutions

9.Weapons, guns, knives etc. (only stores or services)

10.Gambling, Lotteries or Casinos

11.Clothing and images deemed inappropriate and offensive.

12.Entertainment, Productions, Shows, Concerts, Music etc. that promotes, glorifies and encourages self and community destruction and or destructive behaviors.


  • Local Small Businesses, Corporations  along with the local media and agency professionals are joining forces to Launch the  New Televised Edition of  “The $10,000.00 Pitch”

  • 100 Small Businesses will compete for $10,000. 

  • One Will win-it and 99 will Work for it! All have the opportunity to earn it!.

  • Each will have 30 days to prepare their business plans, branding and the new or Re-launch of their business or organization.

  • Partnering Chamber of Commerce, agencies and local professionals will counsel and assist the participants.

  • One will Win but All will have thriving businesses  and organizations by the End of their process!

  • Their $100 Registration Fee includes a professional media and business packages along with 20 interviews that will launch or expand their businesses.

  • Business services are offered through one of the eight new Grand Strand Media Centers and Business Incubators.

  • Registrants do not need a business or business idea to register. They must possess a Strong Desire, and Passion for Success and must come ready with an incredible work ethic and a hatred for sleep!

  • Young Entrepreneurs can Register Today at or (800) 948-5980

  • Taping and Judging to take place in April of 2021 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center

  • No losers at the end of this competition, Just 100  Thriving Businesses to Strengthen our local Economy and families.