Business Conference

Grand Strand Small Business Networking

and Media Arts Academy

In-Person  or  Zoom  Registration Required

Chesterfield MBC  *  Mondays  *  10am & 6pm  *  Popular Community  *  8591 Hwy 90 Longs, SC 29566 

Presented by Carolina Media Centers and Business Incubators.


Professional Media, Business, Funding & Communication Services

Complete Startup and Expansion Packages.


Position Your Business or Organization to receive Government & Corporate Contracts, Grants and more Customers or supporters.


You are receiving over $1000 worth of Services for $300. Corporations are paying for your services in-return for you purchasing with the Group.


Money back if you are not satisfied with your weekly results.

North Strand Small Business Networking.jpg

In these networking session, we will cover


Media Arts Academy and Young Entrepreneurs Network

Video Production
Video Blogger
Video Editing

Corporate Presentations

Local Corporations will discuss their participation with the Media Arts Academy and the Group-Purchasing Project.

Businessman Thinking
Talk Show Set
Team Discussion
TV Reporter

I want to attend the
1) Small Business/Nonprofit Sessions
2) Young Entrepreneurs Network
3) Youth Media Arts Academy

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