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B2B Operations Funding 

$1500 to $10,000 per month is available to small businesses & organizations who are willing to use the Network Service Providers and financial platforms. Funds must be used for daily operations & growth.

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South Carolina Perfect Connection Card

The PC Card will fund over 250,000 youth athletes and performing artists with classes, fees, footwear and meals. The Card will fund over million needs.

$10,000 Business to Business Funding Project
$1,500 to $10,000 per month is available to small businesses & organizations for using the B2B financial platforms.
Funding and Marketing is creatively provided through the networks and events below. Select the Events or Network that identifies closest with your business or project. Have fun while funding your business or organization.
Creatively Marketed, Funded and Communicated through Ten Events and Networks take the survey to here:
B2B Economic news will document and report on all activity, comments, responses by the community.
CEI New is the Network's medium for transparency, sharing information and working in unity in order to fund the 3500 participating organizations, groups, small businesses and the 200,000 youth and resident-recipients of the funds being generated for various causes.
What is your response or solution to funding "ALL" legitimate small businesses and organizations serving our communities?
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